I just started listening to The Unthanks album ‘Here’s the Tender Coming’ and heard the song ‘Annachie [name]Gordon[/name]’…
Being Norwegian I’ve never heard it before, but can of course not find anything about the name online… Is Annachie a name?

I REALLY love the sound, but at first I thought it was a girls’ name o.O
Anything anyone has to say is much appreciated!!

This is all that I found, don’t know how legit it is

That’s all I could find as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When i saw that i read Anarchy spelled yooneekly and then realized why would that come up on a name website. Its a wee bit wierd i would think that his has to be foriegn!

Annachie is an archaic name. The masculine name of Annachie is a variant of Auchanachie, which comes from the north of [name]Scotland[/name]. The House of Auchanachie was built by a descendant of the families of [name]Gordon[/name] of Daach and [name]Gordon[/name] of Avochie ” which explains the name of “Annachie [name]Gordon[/name]” in that old Scottish ballad.

The name is believed to mean “the field of the merchant” (from the Scottish Gaelic Achadh-cheannaiche).

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[name]Gordon[/name], J.F.S. The Book of the Chronicles of [name]Keith[/name], [name]Grange[/name], [name]Ruthven[/name], Cairney, and Botriphnie. [name]Glasgow[/name]: [name]Robert[/name] [name]Forrester[/name], 1880.

– [name]Nephele[/name]