Anneliese, Emmeline, & ...

I’ve noticed a lot of people on this site like the names [name]Anneliese[/name] and [name]Emmeline[/name]. I thought I’d toss out another name in this style that may not have made as many people’s lists.

It’s [name]Hannelore[/name] . It’s much less well known, but just as beautiful, I think. With the resurgence of [name]Hannah[/name], this name might just fit right in.

Pronounced: HAH-ne-lo-r? or han eh LOR eh

I love [name]Hannah[/name] and this is a pretty variation. It also reminds me of [name]Eleanora[/name] which a lot of people here seem to like (along with [name]Eleanor[/name]).

I really like [name]Hannelore[/name], I just worry that people might not get that is it pronounced ‘lora’ at the end- so you might consider Hannelora if that is how you want it pronounced. [name]Love[/name] this name- new and fresh and pretty! :slight_smile:

I really dislike [name]Hannah[/name] but really like Hannalore. Very pretty.

[name]Hannelore[/name] is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us; I’d never heard of it. (I have to say, I absolutely love [name]Hannah[/name], too - I’m a little bewitched by the way it is the same from front to back and back to front!)

it is beautiful!