Anyone had the Depo shot?

I am getting off the shot on OCt. 31st, or thats when I am supposed to get my next one and am skipping. We are wanting another child but I do not know how long will it take to wear off and we can get another baby. If any of you girls have done this please give me your feed back on your experience. Thank you!

I was on Depo for 4 years. I had my last shot 2/07 and then was due for one 5/07. I never had periods while on it and my cycle returned (though irregularly) 9/07. I got pregnant in 1/08. We hadn’t been actively trying but we weren’t preventing either. After I had that baby, I went on the mini pill so it wouldn’t take so long to conceive the next time.

It depends on your body really, my sister was on Depo for almost 4 years and it took her almost a whole year to get her period back. I have been on mine for 3 years and if I miss my shot by a week I start to spot and by week 2 I have a full blown period (have missed it for being sick or not having the money to fill my shot)