Anyone trying shettles method?

We used shettles method for my first born. I tracked my ovulation with LH strips and we did the BD 24hours after a positive LH test and successfully conceived a boy on the first try. Fast forward 3 years later. We’re on month 2 of TTC. We tried the same method. My period is due in 2 weeks, impatiently waiting to take a pregnancy test… anyone else trying shettles? The more I’ve read about TTC, the more it seems shettles for a boy specifically may be narrowing our chances of conceiving. Since you try to conceive as close to actual ovulation as possible and not before I feel it’s more risk for missing it all together. I know it’s silly and impatient, but I totally got discouraged because we didn’t conceive on the first try like with my son.

What is shettles? We are TTC … BUT I’m breastfeeding so chances of conceiving are slim. I used opk strips for our first. And worked like a charm. But I have used them during breastfeeding and I don’t think they are accurate. My period hasn’t returned either. So there is also that. [name_u]Baby[/name_u] is only 5 months though so we probably have a ways to go before I do get a cycle back.

I haven’t tried it as I haven’t had children at this stage, but I have researched it a little bit. From what I’ve read it does increase chances, but it is very important to not take it as a guarantee. Shettles himself says the method is more successful for boys at 80-85 percent chance for boys and 75-80 percent chance for girls, although whether he is correct about these percentages is debatable.

So is it to TTC in 24 hours of a positive opk? Which I guess is what you do with an opk anyway.

It is a method of tracking for gender selection, that is it promotes the conception of the preferred sex of the infant. Basically, BD closer to ov for boys and further away for girls, because male sperm are faster but female sperm live longer.

Aha! Oh yes I am aware of those methods. I guess I never knew what it was called. I am of the mindset I will BD all around the ovulation time when it comes ! And be happy either way. We did for this LO and we got a girl! I applaud any one trying this. Maybe we will when cycle returns. I guess I would like a boy then be done.

Yes, I guess you could say it worked the first time, or it was just chance. If we dont conceive in 3 months, I will probably open up our BD window to all around ovulation time. Shettles says BD before ovulation even just by one day sways for a girl. Also, position matters. And I believe he had some sort of diet protocol but I did not follow that.

I’m thinking we might use this or similar swaying techniques when we TTC, as both hubby and I would love a girl for our first babe. I mean, we’d be happy either way, but we were chatting about it one day and discovered we both feel drawn to the idea of a girl first. I know a few people that have swayed successfully, so I’d be keen to give it a go.

I’ve done a lot of looking into this. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of solid evidence to support any of the swaying stuff. Bummer, I know!