Thanks for all your help in my previous post (losing my mind). I ran across a name that jumped out at me, and dh likes it too. . .WDTY of [name]Ashlyn[/name]? I really prefer the Irish spelling [name]Aislinn[/name] but dh thinks it would be way too hard to spell/pronounce and I think he is probably right. . .she would forever be called Ass linn or Az linn. But I’m a bit worried the [name]Ashlyn[/name] spelling looks too. . .trendy? I looked it up and its only ranked #150 which I can live with, but does it look too [name]Ashlyn[/name], [name]Cadyn[/name], [name]Bradyn[/name]. . .along those lines? I thought maybe [name]Ashlin[/name] but I’m not sure I like how that looks.

While it is not a bad name and I think actually quite pretty, I grew up with a TON of [name]Ashley[/name]'s [name]Ashton[/name], [name]Ashlyn[/name]'s and I am just over it. for me it just feels very dated. I may very well be in the minority here about it, but that is just my opinion.

I do feel like it looks a bit trendy, but it could be worse. I think it is better than [name]Ashlynn[/name]… Since it is taking a old irish name and just spelling it phonetically, I understand WHY. [name]Aislinn[/name] is quite confusing when you first look at it, but it is a very pretty name.

[name]Just[/name] a few suggestions, if you’d like :slight_smile: I know you’ve had a lot so I’m sorry if I’m just confusing you! I tried to think about your original guidlines when suggesting…

[name]Keeva[/name] (original Irish name - [name]Caoimhe[/name])

A friend’s daughter has this name, spelled [name]Ashlin[/name]. They are actually Irish, living in the UK and I think were worried about pronunciation too. I think I prefer the i to the y, but I’m with you in the I prefer the original Irish spelling but understand the difficulties this presents.

I agree … like the Irish spelling, although knew someone in high school whose name was spelled the Irish way and she always had to correct teachers.
I do think it looks better with an ‘I’ - [name]Ashlin[/name], Aishlin? Hmmm…I dunno. It’s hard to know what people will see and pronounce. I guess it depends how familiar they are with the name.

Oh, I like the “i”
[name]Ashlin[/name], cute!

[name]Ashlyn[/name] is okay. I really do prefer the Irish [name]Aislinn[/name], but I understand your concerns with spelling and pronounciation. However, at least where I live (eastern [name]Canada[/name]) most people know this name so I would use the original, and if you have to correct or clarify the name to a few people… so what? [name]Ashlin[/name] is okay too.

I like it but much prefer the Irish spelling or -lin spelling. [name]Ashlyn[/name] with a y looks like a trendy spelling or attempted update of [name]Ashley[/name] to me. I’m not sure how much I like [name]Aislinn[/name] with [name]Isla[/name] though, just because their sounds are very similar.


I love [name]Isla[/name], but [name]Ashlyn[/name] feels and looks very trendy to me.

Good luck!