August pronunciation?

Is August pronounced like the month or the adjective? Is the second u like the u in “up” or like the u in “put”? Particularly interested in British pronunciation so do mention if you’re UK based.

  • With the second U like in “up” (like the adjective august)
  • With the second U like in “put” (like the month of August)

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I’d pronounce it like the month


Like the month, a different pronunciation had never occurred to me.


i pronounce the month, the adjective, and the name more like aug-ihst honestly


I’m from northeastern US and pronounce them all the same, like aw-ghist. Kind of like @miriamelevens said.


I say “awg-gust.”


I accidentally hit the wrong thing but I’d prononce it like the month

I pronounce [name_u]August[/name_u] with the second “u” like in “cup” no matter what. If I pronounced them differently though, I think pronouncing the name like the month would make more sense? (I’m Canadian btw)

i’m from the uk and i pronounce it like the month

the beginning sound is like the word “awe”

For me I don’t hear a difference between the uses of [name_u]August[/name_u]


It seems that I’m in the minority as I pronounce [name_u]August[/name_u] like the month.

I pronounce the name like the month: AW-gust, where the U is more of a schwa.

The adjective I say aw-GUST with a clearer U as in “cup”.

I’m so confused about the difference between these two pronunciations :sob:


I guess my pronunciation would be kinda like awe-gest. However where I live (pnw of the us) i don’t think any body would differentiate between the pronunciations. Like there might be slight differences but nobody would notice if you said ‘guhs’ ‘gos’ ‘gis’ ‘ges’ they would be considered interchangeable. If that makes sense.

To clarify I clicked that I pronounce it like the adjective because that’s the vowel you stated that I feel I say, but I say it like the month

I say the month (and name) AH-ghist (merged short o and au)
Adjective like ah-GUST.

I’m in the UK and this is also how I would pronounce

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i’m from the uk, and i’d say it like the month (AW-guhst)
the other pronunciation (aw-GUST) is purely an adjective to me, and i can’t see it as a name