Recently I’ve really fallen for Avila. It’s not in the nameberry database, which surprises me, since it’s a beautiful Spanish town and home of a major saint ([name]St[/name]. [name]Teresa[/name] of Avila, which was the church I grew up going to and loving). I’ve never actually heard it as a name before, but to me it’s pretty and significant in my life. Has anyone heard of Avila as a name? Also, how would you pronounce it - some people were confused when talking about my church. (Is is AV-ill-uh or ah-VILL-uh? I personally love AV-ill-uh.)

I’ve never heard Avila used as a first name before, but I’d pronounce it ah-VEE-la, so we’ve got three pronunciation contenders here! :slight_smile: (I found this pronunciation link, although I’m not sure how accurate it is: Pronunciation of Avila : How to pronounce Avila)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

there is a beach town near here called avila. we pronounce it AV-ill-uh. i think its a pretty name!

the spanish town is ”vila, so it would be AHveela if the town was the namesake. i’ve known a few families with ”vila as their surname; it’s fairly common, i think.

If people think of the Spanish Avila they will start with the [name]Ah[/name] sound, but if they think of Avila [name]Beach[/name] in [name]CA[/name] (serious sharks there btw!) then they’ll say it with the short-a sound. [name]Both[/name] should emphasize the first syllable. It sounds attractive either way :slight_smile:

There is a political figure where I’m from named [name]Rosemary[/name] Avila. She pronounces it the Spanish way, ahveela.

Our daughter’s name is Avila. Check out the blog.

I would pronounce it ah-VEE-luh.

Thanks for the input, everyone! It’s interesting to hear people’s thoughts on pronunciation, which I’m sure varies depending upon the culture (whether meant to sound Spanish or not). Congratulations, kmauss, on your beautiful little girl and her beautiful (and meaningful) name!