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Any moms who have [name_f]Libra[/name_f] and [name_m]Scorpio[/name_m] babies? 2 of my friends have just had babies, one [name_f]Libra[/name_f] one [name_m]Scorpio[/name_m], which one did you prefer and what was your experiences like?!!

I’m a [name_m]Scorpio[/name_m]. I have a lot of [name_f]Libra[/name_f] friends. The experience was the same, because zodiac sign doesn’t really influence this. [name_f]My[/name_f] mom had a hard pregnancy, but none of her friends did. Could just be her.

Overall, I don’t think zodiac sign influences any of that. I haven’t seen any differences based on the zodiac between me and my [name_f]Libra[/name_f] friends or the way they were parented.

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I have a [name_m]Scorpio[/name_m] baby ( well now 6). He is very intelligent, perceptive, intuitive and loyal. He is quick to anger and finds it hard to regulate his strong emotions. He is a brilliant sleeper and likes mental and physical challenges. He also loves water. And enjoys baths.