Baby name Ketler?

I know a guy named Ketler. He’s from Haiti. I think the name is very interesting. What are your thoughts?

it’s interesting…
but it makes me think of kitler (there’s this strangely hilarious website about cats that look like hitler)

It sounds more like a last name to me than anything to be honest. I don’t think I would personally use it for any of my future children, but I think the right person could pull this name off very well (:

I know a boy named [name]Cutler[/name], and it fits him, but Ketler sounds a little odd.

It feels a little awkward to me. If it was a family name, I’d be on board, but there are so many other surname-names that work better as first names than this one, imo. (It may not be a surname-name, but I think that’s what most people would assume.)

I agree that it seems awkward. It reminds me of Kessler, which is a surname.

Yes, I agree with everyone. I’d never use it for my own child, but I think it has a very interesting sound. It fits him perfectly. I don’t know if it’s a surname or not. Like I said, he’s from Haiti. I don’t know anything about [name]Haitian[/name] names.