Bad Mood Names

What do you feel like calling your kid when they’re in a truly horrid mood? If your baby is younger than two or you haven’t had kids yet, feel free to disregard this thread!

No babies for me yet, but I think of these as bad mood names:

[name]Ursula[/name] (I think of the witch in [name]Little[/name] Mermaid)

Great thread! :slight_smile:

Thanks, [name]Susan[/name]!

Same as [name]Jill[/name], but I can’t help but mentioning [name]Fletcher[/name]. It makes me think of throwing up, which puts the whole name in a sour light.

My mother would call me [name]Roberta[/name] [name]Vernetta[/name] and accuse me of being just like my father. My actual name was [name]Victoria[/name] [name]Lynn[/name].

I don’t have real names that I’ve used but have said that my girls were being C(k)rabby Patties - a la Sponge [name]Bob[/name].

When my daughter [name]Laura[/name] is being horrid, I think of her as being named Toadluh. But I don’t call her that. Instead I say, “Oh! Somebody is being a pill.”
When my son is being awful, I just get away from him. But in my mind I think, maybe I should have named him [name]Hoyt[/name]. It would fit him right now.

my friend’s mom used to call her nellie olsen when she was acting like a brat…little house connection there.

Anytime my son’s being awful I call him a grumpalufugus (sp?).

Names I think of as being moody:

[name]Lois[/name] (my moody grandmother)


[name]Dylan[/name]: when ever in selfish fo something, my mom calls me ebenezer (how ever you spell it).
[name]Daisy[/name]: she calls me n my sista ‘reagan’ when she angry, something to do with a old horror movie. i dont get it :S


When I was younger, all of my bad mood names for others were from Disney :slight_smile:
Cruella - my and my sister’s name for our nasty neighbour when we were living in [name]France[/name].
[name]Ursula[/name] - for my mother whenever she told us off. This one was actually my brother’s idea :slight_smile:

I have been known to call [name]Rosie[/name] ‘Malificent’ when she throws a strop, too! The association is lost on her, though …