Does anyone know why this is trending?

I had no clue it was even considered a name, much less one that was that popular… I’m a bit stumped by this one, lol.

I saw that in the cloud too. What the WHAT?

I’m thinking someone searched it as a joke and now everyone who logs in says ‘what?’ and immediately searches for it thus keeping it in the cloud. I think this happens a lot.

Maybe [name]Apple[/name] has a new secret sibling?



It was me. I searched it and a bunch of other odd names while my husband was playing video games the other night. After seeing [name]Bloodrayne[/name] up there for days it got me wondering and I searched for odd names that would show up on the ticker up top, and wanted to see if other people would click them just because they were odd. I tried all of the Addam’s Family names (they only have [name]Wednesday[/name]) before moving on to fruits.

I was bored.

bahaha, that’s awesome, lol. At least I know why now! :slight_smile:

I think [name]Banana[/name] is as excellent a name as [name]Bloodrayne[/name].

[name]Bloodrayne[/name] appears to trend every day=I don’t get it!