Bassinet Style Strollers?

[name_m]Just[/name_m] in the TTC stages now, but I really love the bassinet style stroller and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations? All I’ve found online so far was Uppababy, which is nice but pretty far out of our price range :sweat_smile:

Thanks!! :heartbeat:

I have a lot of younger cousins and have used the Uppababy which is really nice! I saw online that a lot of people also like the Mockingbird which is almost $400 but it did say you could pay in installments! It looked pretty cool cause you could buy add ons to accommodate up to 3 kids. Not sure if this helps as it still might be too expensive!!

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oooh $400 is way better! Here the Uppababy is retailing for like $600+ from what I’ve seen :sweat_smile: my SIL got one for $1200 :rofl: thank you!

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[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @leafsgirl44,

Congratulations! I would recommend testing your favourites in a store, but anything that converts is typically a winner! A system that has a seat as well as a bassinet is good value.

If you’re on a budget and not looking for a pram that is the same price as a car:

Try a pram detailer/refurbisher- these people are not so common but they can fix up old prams and sell these on. Usually with new wheels and extra bits (like a coffee cup).

Ask the local pram store if you can buy their store demo models. I did this and saved $500-1000 AUD (like 750-1250 US/Euro).


[name_m]Hi[/name_m] there! Yes, pre-kids I always wanted the bassinet style stroller as well! They’re just so sweet yet modern looking!

However, I will just be honest with you, move right along. I have two children and I can’t really imagine using it often or for long. The majority of babies begin rolling from back to front anywhere around 4-5 months and from back to side around 3-4 months old. Since the bassinet does not have high railing, like a crib, or straps like a car seat or baby swing, it wouldn’t be safe once they begin rolling. So, approximately 4 months old, you’re going to need to put the bassinet away. There are LOTS of baby items that get used for that short of timeframe, but the bassinet style stroller is very expensive and not exactly small enough to stick in a closet when you’re done with it.
And the other reason I wouldn’t suggest it is because the idea is for the baby to sleep while strolling in bassinet. However, if you are at the mall for example, you’re going to have to attach bassinet to stroller, unbuckle your sleeping baby from their car seat to lay them in the bassinet. At this point, the baby has been woken up when you took them out of the car seat to get them in the bassinet :woozy_face:
While those bassinet strollers are just so darling, I highly recommend buying a stroller and car seat that can attach. This will be your lifesaver! Save your money and invest in a BOB that baby will begin using around 8 months old until 4+ yrs!