Bathing/being naked in front of your kids?

To cut a long story short I was at lunch yesterday with two friends and a friend of a friend along with our kids. My son somehow mentioned seeing my breasts the night before - he walked into the bathroom whilst I was having a bath - and the friend of a friend made me feel uncomfortable about it and even asked me if it was “a [name_m]French[/name_m] thing”. My son then said that I wouldn’t let him get in the bath (mainly because he has already had his evening bath and was already moisturised and in fresh pjs ready for bed), I won’t lie I have let my son get in the bath with me in the past and has shared a shower with me. It’s not a regular thing but I don’t find it weird. He is my son, I am his mother.

I am very comfortable with my body and I don’t get worked up about the idea of my two year old son seeing me naked, I don’t go out of my way to be nude in front of him but I don’t dash for a sheet/towel etc if my son walks in on me without clothes on. I also don’t want my son to be embarrassed by something that is natural.

I saw my mother without clothes during my childhood and I am not emotionally scarred, I can’t remember ever really seeing my father fully naked but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t, perhaps I just can’t remember.

It made me start questioning how I am bringing my son up. It’s not something that I am going to continue for years and years but I don’t think it’s a terrible thing when he is still so young, I would probably stop by the time he is 4 or 5.

Sorry for for the long winded rambling story and rant. I just want to know if other people do this and to sort of squash my fears and doubts (I think I am just highly emotional due to my current pregnancy).


I’m not a mother but my mum seems similar to you - she walks around naked/doesn’t have a problem with nudity/occasionally bathes with my sister/etc. I’m fourteen, my brother’s twelve, my sister’s eight and it’s never been an issue. I don’t think it’s a problem at all and, like you mentioned, being embarrassed about it isn’t something you’d want to encourage. I think it’s absolutely fine! I don’t think nudity should be such a big deal or so sexualized, anyway (it certainly isn’t in my family).

I don’t see anything wrong with it like he’s 2 and you are his mother. My god daughter and her mum do the same thing because who wants to be isolated from their child when they’re literally 2 years old?

Nudity is oversexualized, I would not worry about it at all, they’re just being a bit more conservative.

I also don’t see a problem with it. I will probably stop when my children are around 7 (not a mom yet). I personally showered with both of my parents until I was 5 (I then told my dad I thought it was inappropriate LOL) and until I was 8 with my mom, it was never weird.

My almost two year old daughter regularly sees us naked. She’s still breastfed so boobies are a given, but she’ll follow us around as we get ready in the morning and usually wants to be in the bathroom when we shower. And we often get in the bath to bathe her too (we have a spa bath and if she goes into one corner it’s impossible to reach her – it’s just easier to be in there too!). Most often it’s my husband who bathes her. I see nothing wrong with it.

We’ve often talked about when we’ll stop feeling comfortable with it, but I think that’s still several years down the track.

I don’t see anything wrong with it, either. I do think that there is a certain age where it does become inappropriate (maybe 5 or so), your son isn’t that age yet…and really, you’ll know when he is. It’s fine and won’t scar him.

Like a previous poster said, nudity is oversexualized, as is the female body. I agree that there’s nothing wrong with a young child bathing with or seeing parents nude. Too many people grow up with body shame and I think seeing the normal bodies of their family members could go a long way to fix this problem. Anecdotally, the families in my friend group with one or more European parents (Swiss, [name_m]French[/name_m], and Brazilian-Italian) are all more open with their children about nudity/the human body/age-appropriate discussions of sexuality than most of my fellow American friends. Where I live, there are plenty of parents who wouldn’t bat an eye at a toddler hanging out while a parent bathed or got dressed, but parents, like, skinny-dipping or taking a sauna with their teenagers are in the minority.

We do bathe with our 14-month-old, because, like others have said, it’s easier or at least more practical. We don’t have an “age limit” at which we’ll stop - we’re just going to feel it out and stop when he’s a) able to shower by himself and b) someone wants to stop. Why is it socially acceptable to rinse off in a communal shower at the gym with strangers/acquaintances/friends but weird to be seen in the nude in the same contexts at home with family? We take our clothes off when we need to wash ourselves or change our outfit. Underneath those clothes, we have bodies. That’s all it is. It’s only a big deal or weird or inappropriate if someone does something to make it that way.

Not a mother yet but I think it’s fine since he’s only two. With toddler it’s OK, imo, but once they’re a bit older I’d rather stop (assuming one day when I have kids).

I’ve seen my father naked when I was around four. We lived in a house with only one bathroom -he was showering and I wanted to pee. It didn’t bother any of us but of course he didn’t get naked in front of me in any other times. Saw my mom naked until I was 6-ish, I think.

Learning from my personal experience I think it is best to gradually stop once the kid has learned to bath on their own. But with a two years old you should be fine.

I’ll put a slightly different spin on this. I work in healthcare, obviously when doing most things which involves undressing a person you’ll ask if they’re okay with having their family in the room, about 80% of the time they don’t care, I did an ECG on a patient which involved revealing her breasts and I when I asked if she was okay with the two women who were in the room staying she said, “Of course I am! They’re my daughters!”

Grown sons and mothers may not feel quite as comfortable but still, if this is socially acceptable then why is that an issue when the children are younger? I see no issue with this at all.

Also, “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond” - World Health Organistation. I think this suggests that there is no issue with children seeing breasts but obviously everything should be done within limits of family comfortability.

I really don’t see what the problem would be at the toddler stage, most aren’t going to have memories of that anyway. Like most things, it comes down to preference and what works for each family. It’s fine if she prefers more privacy, but she shouldn’t be shaming you or making you feel guilty for what works for your family.

My parents were always super open with my sister and I. We saw them naked often as children. We were taught to be respectful of our bodies and others. Being naked was never weird. When we hit puberty, my parents let us decide what we were comfortable with and what we did or didn’t want to do - things liking locking the bathroom door or getting changed in private.

I believe this has helped me have a real respect for the human body and to love how wonderful it is. I am very much an advocate for birth and breastfeeding being and open and familial event. Why should we be scared of nature?
It also made me much more comfortable when I got married. I had no issue sharing my body or being vulnerable around my husband because I knew that the body was not something to feel awkward about.

You do you, honey. I’m sorry your friends made you feel awkward. You’re baby is 2. He doesn’t care if you clothed or not. He just sees his mumma, whom he loves.

Assuming the nakedness is imposing sexualisation on child is rubbish, as far as I am concerned. They should know how their body works, that other people are the same, and that the body is a wonderful thing to be respected. Our sexually immoral culture is what sexualises children… not whether they had a bath with their mother as a toddler.

I’m sorry they made you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong or weird with babies and young children seeing their parents naked or sharing a bath. I find the over sexualization of nudity and children very disturbing and sad. I don’t have children yet but when I do I’m sure DH and I will regularly give our children baths and at times share a bath with them which is fine by me. I think those moments are special and create a bond between parent and child. I also feel that it will make them more comfortable and understanding of the human body. Growing up I often saw my parents naked and it wasn’t a big deal. My sister and I would frequently walk into their bedroom and they would be just out of the shower and it was very natural. Nothing shameful or embarrassing about it. My father bathed my sister until she was 5/6 and my sister decided she could wash herself. It was something fun for us to take baths with our mom and dad. I also think when they’re still very much babes you just wash them while you wash yourself and often the warm water and being skin to skin is very relaxing for them. I’m perplexed that anyone would find something wrong with this.

After reading these responses I think maybe I’m a prude?

I never saw my parents naked as a child. I have since seen my mom without a shirt on a handful of times and even then she covers up immediately if I happen to pop in her room unexpectedly. I don’t think I’ve even seen my dad in his underwear let alone nude.

My kids obviously saw my breasts when I would nurse (until they were both 3ish) and they see me go to the bathroom pretty frequently but that’s the extent of it. I don’t take showers with them, I don’t walk around naked, and they aren’t permitted in our bed with us in it so the chances of them even having the opportunity to see us naked are slim to none. My kids are in the 4-6 age range if that makes a difference but I feel as though it’s not really necessary for them to see me naked. I’m pretty liberal and non-traditional in many respects but for some reason nudity seems inappropriate with my kids. We aren’t shy about discussing body parts and that happens quite a bit but no, my kids don’t see my naked.