any thoughts or opinions on bathsheba? i think it’s really pretty, and i love that it’s a way to get to the nickname beth but im very hot/cold on this one.


edit: i also adore the literary connection to thomas hardy’s far from the madding crowd

I know that I’m going to be one of the only ones to say this, but I absolutely adore this name! I have [name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f] [name_f]Praise[/name_f] on my list.


Personally I think [name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f] is a very heavy name for someone to carry I wouldn’t want to be named [name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f]. I also do not find [name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f] attractive it’s just doesn’t roll of the tongue well. Not a favourite.


I think with the biblical association attached it’s a somewhat heavy name. Not bad but I’m not sure how usable. :thinking:


The association is very heavy, but I do think it’s a beautiful name! I love the [name_m]Thomas[/name_m] [name_m]Hardy[/name_m] connection as well :slight_smile:

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[name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f] is very bold but [name_f]Beth[/name_f] makes it feel usable -or even Bee/Bea


It’s a lot for me. I wouldn’t personally use it. The biblical connection is definitely strong there. I like the above suggestion of [name_f]Bea[/name_f].

I actually know a [name_f]Bathsheba[/name_f], she wears it really well! While the biblical association is very strong and it’s a very grand names, I do think it’s a very very pretty name and it has a gorgeous imagery