Battle of the Names (Part 7: Round 4e)

Apologies to everyone who previously voted but I just realised that one of the names I included had already been eliminated and I missed out a name. So I would appreciate it if everyone would vote again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Battle of the Names is a series of polls with names I came across in a previous job, sorted into different categories. The seventh and final category consists of other cool and interesting names that I wasn’t sure how to categorise.

This category, like the last, has also been divided into subcategories. The fifth and final subcategory contains names unknown or uncertain origin.

Please vote for your favourites. The least voted names will be eliminated. Have fun!


Some names may only partially fit into the category they have been placed in. I tried not to overwhelm each category with masses of never-ending names so I often just put them into whichever category had the fewest names at the time :sweat_smile:

Part 7: Other Cool & Interesting Names, Round 4e - Finals

  • Adrin
  • Arren
  • Ciaras
  • Dionisis
  • Elin
  • Evaldus
  • Gavan
  • Kaysan
  • Lello
  • Mali
  • Mikil
  • Silvance
  • Torrell

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