Is [name]Benedict[/name] usable in the US or is the connection to [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Arnold[/name] too strong? Does that even matter anymore? FWIW Benedicte is a family name and the spelling I like most but does that make a difference?

  • not looking to name a baby just curious. [name]TIA[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Benedict[/name] is the male form of the name and Benedicte is the French female spelling. I think [name]Benedict[/name] is a wonderful name and it’s a great alternative to the popular [name]Benjamin[/name]. It’s a name that is full of character and has a long history of usage. I’m Canadian so [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Arnold[/name] isn’t a big factor but Americans still seem to be wary of it due to this association. Personally, I think it’s time to move on!

You’re right about the spelling, idk why I didn’t realize it about this name. For some reason I thought my GU spelled it Benedicte but long story short I’ve obviously never met him, he lives on an island and no one really stays in touch with him.

Which makes me wonder, how usable is Benedicte on a girl? It’s nms but I wonder if anyone else would like it.

I like the sound of it. I do think [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Arnold[/name] is a negative association still. But especially in the middle…and also honestly I don’t really know how informed most people are any more (sadly).

I will say that nowadays the current Pope probably comes more quickly to mind for some people than [name]Arnold[/name], which is at least a different association (whether it is positive, negative, or neutral will depend on the person). But the name now has a very “devout Catholic” feel to it that it might not have had before.

I think the “dic” part of the name might be somewhat problematic for a kid during school years.

I’d go with [name]Benedict[/name] in the middle or [name]Bennett[/name] anywhere.

I like Benedicte with a thick French accent for a girl (which I am imagining almost like [name]Ben[/name] -a - dee with a very quiet t and the end), but not with what would be the usual American prn, which would basically be [name]Benedict[/name].