Bernedoodle girl puppy name

Hello Nameberries!

My family is looking for a girl puppy name for a tricolor Bernedoodle. I like Onyx → Nyx/Nyxie. My son (who has an affinity with naming as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) likes Primrose only as a means to get the name Prim as a nickname. He likes short (1 syllable) names that tend to be gender neutral. They don’t necessarily have to be names already. He likes Zin, Pix, Pip, etc.

We recently found the names Juliet → Jet (idk if it’s close enough for a dog to correlate), Cricket → Kit. He likes Kit and Jet, and I am partial to their full name.

We also want to avoid names that rhyme with No.

I’m trying to combine our likes to find the perfect name! Any ideas?

Edit to add. We have a dog currently whose name is Tucker and we call him TuckTuck for a nickname.

Juliet nn Jet is so cute! Another nn for Juliet could be Jules.

Gwendolen/Gwenna/Gwenda nn Gwen
Delphine nn Dell
Fernanda nn Fern
Kerensa nn Wren
Phaedra nn Fae
Livia nn Liv
Bianca nn Bee
Pippa nn Pip
Zinnia nn Zin
Bluebell nn Blue
Augusta nn Gus/sie
Brielle nn Bree
Willow nn Will
Dorothea nn Dot
Maxima/Maxine nn Max
Jacqueline nn Jack
Josephine nn Joss, Jay
Marisol/Isolde (ih-ZOL-duh, ee-SOL-duh) nn Sol
Louisa nn Lou
Elaina/Elaine nn Lane
Aurelie nn Ray, Lee
Abeline nn Abe
Delfina/Seraphina nn Finn
Makenna nn Mak
Andrea nn Drew
Leanne/Leanna/Leonie/Leona nn Lee
Rosalie/Coralie/Eulalie nn Lee
Asha nn Ash
Jocelyn nn Joss, Jay
Kailani/Kaia nn Kai
Vivian nn Viv
Jessamine nn Jess
Samara nn Sam

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