Beyond Mama and Daddy - Names for Non-Binary Parent

Makua is Hawaiian. :slight_smile:

Dodi/Dody/Dodie might be an option. It’s used as a name for both males and females, but is most commonly a more feminine nickname, it has similar vibes to Mommy and Daddy, and should be pretty easy for a little one to say.

I realize I’m late to the party, but as bébé isn’t talking yet (and I didn’t see a resolution posted) I thought I’d throw in another suggestion. Since you kind of like [name_f]Nomi[/name_f] but it reminded you of a sibling, what about Nama or [name_f]Noma[/name_f]?

Hey, it’s never too late to the party.

We’ve decided on “Ooma” or “Uma”, short for “Umami” (and there’s definitely been jokes about me being the “fifth flavour” as a nonbinary/trans/genderfluid individual).

[name_m]Per[/name_m] my wonderful friend who knows the IPA phonetics, it’s pronounced “uːmə”.

I really appreciate all the suggestions, and the name was in part constructed around sounds that are easy for baby Nugget to make…they definitely have the “ooo” and “mmm” sounds, but are also rapidly picking up other sounds, even clicks and little huff/whistle noises.

I admit to being completely unprepared for how many different sounds they make, and @lavenderwitch has it down to a science of what it all means…I’m still working on distinguishing between fussy-tired cry and something-is-uncomfortable cry.

…living and learning, it’s been a wonderful, wild, and completely sleep-deprived three months with our baby.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of this process, in every way.


Oh my gosh, what!?!? Your baby is so old and smart and advanced :sob::sob::sob::sob::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: so amazing to hear. Mazels to y’all again!