Big oof

okay just to be clear (since i’ve seen multiple instances of this) a hawaiian E is either pronounced like eh – or more commonly, ay. Screenshot 2021-08-25 220751


sucks that nameberry doesn’t have all of their pronounciations right
what a cool name though, so keh-ah-loh-ha?

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Just to let you know, people often bring up name entries with issues on this thread! I think katinka checks it somewhat regularly so your issue is more likely to be noticed, and without needing to make a thread for it!



Ke is just a form of “the” (ka), pronounced “ke”

most people know Aloha as meaning “hello” but it can also mean love, & does in this context

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Ohh i see

well i think it’s a gorgeous hawaiian name!
having “love” anywhere in a little girls name is just darling

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Fixed! But yes, anything else can be directed to: Database entries you’d like to see amended