Birthday party woes

It is about to be my daughter’s 3rd birthday and I wanted it to be special and fun for her of course. I split the party in 2 because of 2 divorces that are happening in friends’ families. Any ideas on how to do a good birthday party with just a few people during the pandemic?

in my country it’s getting really common to do birthdays in parks! with games, food, even a birthday cake and more stuff
you could even hire a party animator
hope this helps :slight_smile:


You could do a small outside get together, near a park or playground. They normally have pavilions you can use (but be carefully because sometimes you have to rent them). [name_u]Happy[/name_u] early birthday to your daughter!

Oh yes, I will look into hiring someone, thanks I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.


you’re welcome! glad i could help

Three year olds are still pretty easy to impress! Maybe make the bubble mix that makes giant bubbles? And have her favorite foods. She will still have a great time even with pandemic restrictions.

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Having similar issues, thanks for posting this. Daughter’s 3rd is coming up, she’s been excited for a while and I’d love it to be special, but… covid amping up here and I’ve got no idea what things will look like nearer her bday. Covid everywhere? Lockdowns and not allowed ANY guests? So I just don’t know how to plan for it. We also have to do the split bday thing… hubby’s parents are splitand won’t be around each other at all, so each bday we have one in-law for the first hour and the other for the second hour (+cake). Switch each year who gets to be there for the cake.

We just did part one of the party this Sunday. Last year we did a picnic at a neighborhood park with tables and a covered area. I asked the HOA if I could book it last year and was told they didn’t do bookings. Fast forward to this year and I was apparently supposed to book it, and there was another group having a gender reveal party there.
We had to scramble to tell everyone we were relocation to another cramped area that was thankfully available. I think with covid continuing for so long outdoor venues are getting more coveted, so watch out for that.