Blackjack Jennings

"It”s a boy for [name]Drea[/name] de [name]Matteo[/name] and Shooter [name]Jennings[/name].

”[name]Waylon[/name] [name]Albert[/name] ”Blackjack” [name]Jennings[/name] has arrived,” [name]Jennings[/name], 31, Tweeted Thursday. ”Thanks for all the kind words folks! We”re super lucky to have so many kind friends!”

[name]Baby[/name] Blackjack joins big sister [name]Alabama[/name] Gypsyrose, 3, and carries on his father and country crooner grandfather [name]Waylon[/name] [name]Jennings[/name]” first name." -

I like that all three generations share the first name but a different A middle name: [name]Arnold[/name], Albright, and now [name]Albert[/name]. But I would much rather call my kid “[name]Waylon[/name]” than “Blackjack”, and [name]Alabama[/name] and [name]Waylon[/name] are a really sweet sibset.


I guess I can let this pass because of tradition. [name]Waylon[/name] [name]Albert[/name] really isn’t a bad name. I do prefer Whelan though. :slight_smile: And I think [name]Alabama[/name] is cute! Hopefully Blackjack gets shortened to [name]Jack[/name]. :lol:

Nicknames may be part of the tradition as well so that they won’t be all [name]Waylon[/name]. Think about it, his father is Shooter so Blackjack isn’t that surprising!