Lazy, breezy Bowie is a name I came across in this thread. I was never a fan before, but, for some reason, it stuck with me.

Should I add it to my list or let it go? What do you think of it?

Thanks in advance!

Well I’m a big fan of Bowie the musician, so naturally I kind of love the idea of a little namesake!

I have to say, when David Bowie passed away, I really thought this one would catapult up the charts, especially when you think about how popular that “oh” sound is right now: Bodhi, Rowan, Leo, Theo, Owen, etc.

But it’s actually still only at the very bottom of the US Top 1000, even four years on (higher on NB though, be warned!)

TL;DR I like it :wink:

Are you thinking first or middle?

I would probably go for middle, but am not entirely opposed to first. It’s more of a matter of what names I would paid with it, because I’m not sure any of the ones on my list would fit in a combo.

I think its lovely. A cool, modern name with great associations and nn potentials.

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I really like Bowie! It’s fresh and cool, and has a great connection to David Bowie. I like how it feels modern but very grounded at the same time. It’s easy to spell and remember, which is a plus. It reminds me of Beau and Boden but newer and softer, which I like.

I think it’s a great name! I actually know a little Bowie, a girl, but I much prefer it on a boy. Like @katinka, I’m also surprised it’s not more popular.

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Personally, I think it sounds a bit like a dog name. But if you love it, add it to the list!

I know multiple pets (dogs, rabbits, etc) with this name, so I find it very hard to imagine on a person. It also is a bit too “short and cutesy” for my liking. Imagine being the CEO of a company and having to introduce yourself as Bowie! :flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Perhaps a longer name that can me nicknamed to Bowie??

Bowie doesn’t appeal to me personally. I would immediately think of David Bowie and assume that you were a big fan of his or something. I’ve also heard it pronounced different ways - BOH-ee vs BOW-ee.

I like it. I’ve heard it mentioned a lot on this website but I’ve never actually met a Bowie. I personally love surnames as fn. I say keep it on your list!

In general I think it’s a bad idea to name children after really iconic rockstars, at least where their surnames are concerned, simply because it will always be the first and foremost association to the name. This issue where it concerns rock icons is especially heavy in the age of the Me Too movement and generally more awareness of the misconduct of high profile figures. Many survivors associate Bowie with the exploitation of “baby groupies” in the 70s (he isn’t the only one by any means) and I think that’s something definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of using this name for a child.

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