boy name help

[name]Hi[/name] everone - I was just reading the latest blog post on modernizing/adapting family names and I’m wondering if there are any suggestions for the name [name]Patrick[/name]. We would like to honor my brother-in-law by using [name]Patrick[/name] as the middle name (if we have a boy), but aren’t crazy about the actual name. Any suggestions would be great. We’re thinking [name]Will[/name] for the first name. I would also love to hear any variations on the full name if there are any recommendations there. Thanks so much!

The two versions that immediately come to mind are [name]Patric[/name] (Latin) and Padrig (Welsh) – they might fall into the category of so old they are new again. [name]Pat[/name] would be the simplest version.

Or how about [name]Pate[/name] or [name]Patterson[/name]? They both have the same meaning as [name]Patrick[/name].