Boy names with dark origins

Hello, I’m an aspiring author

I’m currently working on a fantasy story and I have a character who is the personified Death. I need him to have a human name before he got cursed as Death.

I was thinking [name_u]Kieran[/name_u] (little dark one).

It would be preferable if the name had another, positive meaning. For eg, [name_f]Thana[/name_f] means praise in Arabic but Death in Greek.

For an inexplicable reason I keep a list of names with dark meanings! I’ve removed some of the more outrageous choices, but there are still quite a few that are “out-there”:

Abaddon= destruction (Hebrew)
Achilles= pain (Greek)
Adramelech= king of fire (Latin)
Ajax= mourner (Greek)
Algol= demon star (Arabic)
Aliprand= foreign fire (Germanic)
Amon= the hidden one (Greek/Egyptian)
Ares= ruin- god of war (Greek)
Belatucadros= beautiful in slaughter (Celtic)
Blake= black (Old English/English)
Colby= dark town (Old Norse/English)
Dardanos= to devour (Greek)
Dolos= deception (Greek)
Dougal= dark stranger (Irish)
Douglas= dark river (Irish)
Dunstan= dark stone (Old English/English)
Eltanin= the dragon’s head (Arabic)
Erebus= nether darkness (Greek)
Geras= god of old age (Greek)
Hades= unseen- god of the underworld (Greek)
Hypnos= sleep (Greek)
Iapetus= to wound (Greek)
Ignatius= fire (Latin)
Kakios= evil (Greek)
Keegan= descendant of Aodhagán (little fire) (Irish)
Lonan= little blackbird (Irish)
Lycus= wolf (Greek)
Maelwys= prince of death (Welsh)
Marganore= to rage (Italian)
Morpheus= god of dreams (Greek)
Moros= doom (Greek)
Narcissus= numbness (Greek)
Nástrond= corpse shore (Old Norse)
Nigel= black (English)
Odysseus= to hate (Greek)
Osiris= god of the dead (Egyptian)
Oxylus= acidic (Greek)
Pentheus= sorrow (Greek)
Peredur= hard spears (Welsh)
Perseus= to destroy (Greek)
Phantasos= apparition- god of surreal dreams (Greek)
Phineus= vulture (Greek)
Phlegon= burning (Greek)
Phobetor= frightening- god of nightmares (Greek)
Phoenix= dark red (Greek)
Phryxus= causing shivers (Greek)
Ponos= pain- god of toil (Greek)
Ptolemy= aggressive/warlike (Greek)
Pyrander= fire of a man (Greek)
Pyrrhus= flame-coloured (Greek)
Pythios= to rot (Greek)
Saxon= knife (Germanic)
Sharar= enemy (Hebrew)
Shyamal= dark (Sanskrit)
Sosruko= menacing (Turkic)
Sullivan= little dark eye (Irish)
Thanatos= death (Greek)
Tomiti= to torture (Slavic)
Zagreus= great hunter (Greek)

[name_m]Azrael[/name_m] (angel of death)