Boys names are so hard

I am totally obsessed with names. I love the sounds, the spellings and the history behind names. However while I could think about girls names and combos for hours and have so many favourites and so many that I like and find cute even if I would never personally use them - I’m not even that enamoured with my “favourite” boys names. Boys names for me are so difficult. I literally have 5 boys names that I like so all 5 are automatically in my favourite boys names because there are no others. There are others than I would say I liked but they are all really over the top historical or mythological names and again I don’t really even like them that much they just appeal to me I think because of the history behind them. Does anybody else find this or does anybody have the same problem but with girls names? I have the perfect name picked out for my hopeful future first son but it’s really padded out with family honouring names because I need to keep the other 4 names I like available in case I wind up with 5 sons or something because I honestly wouldn’t be able to think of any others I like and I’ve seen thousands of boy names over the years.

I used to have this problem with girl names, I couldn’t really think of many I liked. Then I went through a phase that I couldn’t think or see past [name_m]Anthony[/name_m]. My love for that name goes 13 years long, so you can see how it is hard to see past that name. It’s hard when you find that name so young that you can just see yourself screaming at your kids in the future. Now, I don’t really have that problem. More like falling in love with to many names now. I also love meanings of names, and did a research of my names a while back, and found out I like Biblical, and Hebrew and names that mean [name_m]Light[/name_m]. I found it interesting to see my taste in meanings be so strong, and history of the names being mostly the same.

I am exactly right there with you. [name_m]Feel[/name_m] like I could have wrote this myself. lol. I have so many girl names I love and get heart eyes just staring at that list thinking about all the baby girls I want to have so I can use my names(and worrying about all the names I won’t get to use). And then on my boy list I have like 10 names. And of course I’m pregnant with a boy right now. haha Only one of the names on the list I love, so he has a first name picked out, but the rest I just like. Like they’re on my list b/c I don’t hate them but I definitely don’t get the same feelings I do as my girl list. When I daydream about my family being complete I have 3 girls and 1 boy. So secretly I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my last two babies end up being girls b/c I definitely won’t have names for them if they’re boys, and I’ll also be a little bit sad over losing the potential to use my girl names.

Same! I spend so much time on my girls that I almost completely forget about the boys. And there really aren’t many boy’s names that I like. I only have about 3 or 4 names that I’ve consistently loved. I feel your pain. :slight_smile: