Brother for Odin James

I have a friend who is expecting her second grandbaby (another boy!) any time now. His older brother’s name is Odin James. (Both grandfathers are named James, 1 goes by Jim.) Mom and dad are named Chris and Jocelyn. Dad and both he and grandpa’s like Jim for baby boy. My thoughts on this: 1) Jim and Odin are both ‘i’ heavy. 2) Odin’s mn is already James. 3) Jim is too nicknamey for me. (I prefer longer names that can be shortened to nicknames.) Mom and dad can’t agree on anything!!

Other Info:
They like more obscure/underused/uncommon names
Dad likes Nero, mom nixed it (might give you an idea of the types of names they like)

Can my fellow berries help find a perfect name to go with big brother’s name!?!

[name]Odin[/name] and…