Brother OR Sister for Averie

DH and I won’t be finding out the sex of baby #2 and I’m having a hard time coming up with names that are more on the unisex side for girls although there aren’t many others that I love and boys names are just impossible. Actually for boys I lean more towards biblical names which don’t really match up great with [name]Averie[/name]…ugh. Big sisters full name is [name]Averie[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] W____.

Here are my short lists, tell me what you think!

[name]Carmen[/name] [name]Faye[/name]
[name]Simone[/name] ____
[name]Annalise[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name]
[name]Sloane[/name] (I don’t know if I could ever use it)

[name]Micah[/name] [name]Andrew[/name]
[name]Gabriel[/name] [name]John[/name]
[name]Jonah[/name] [name]Andrew[/name]
[name]Adrian[/name] [name]John[/name]
[name]Landon[/name] [name]Frederick[/name]

(mn’s are family names)


I think that [name]Bellamy[/name] and [name]Averie[/name] would beautifully together esp as you want a more unisex name. [name]Bellamy[/name] [name]Violet[/name]

or [name]Avalon[/name] [name]Matilda[/name] and [name]Averie[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]. I would not like to have sisters sharing the same initial but just in case you don’t mind this is my combo.

[name]Anneliese[/name] is a beautiful name [name]Anneliese[/name] [name]Helene[/name] but you have the ‘A’ factor if you use this name.

If you use [name]Anneliese[/name] in the mn spot it works well,

[name]Margot[/name] [name]Anneliese[/name], [name]Margot[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]

More ideas
[name]Fern[/name] [name]Alessandra[/name], [name]Fern[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Daphne[/name] [name]Faye[/name], [name]Daphne[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Paige[/name] [name]Francesca[/name], [name]Paige[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Fleur[/name] [name]Victoria[/name], [name]Fleur[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Morgan[/name] [name]Louise[/name], [name]Morgan[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Imogen[/name] [name]Kate[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Darcy[/name] [name]Ellen[/name], [name]Darcy[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]

Your girl’s names are for the most part very feminine not unisex at all.
[name]Carmen[/name] [name]Faye[/name] Not with [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Simone[/name] ____I don’t like the moan part of this name
[name]Annalise[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name] [name]Both[/name] of these names are gorgeous and could be used in the first name spot
[name]Sloane[/name] It is a rather ugly name I think
[name]Autumn[/name] Okay but a bit average next to [name]Averie[/name]
[name]Eden[/name] A pretty name [name]Eden[/name] [name]Marissa[/name], or [name]Marissa[/name] [name]Eden[/name], [name]Marissa[/name] and [name]Averie[/name]

[name]Micah[/name] [name]Andrew[/name] Nice
[name]Gabriel[/name] [name]John[/name] Nice
[name]Jonah[/name] [name]Andrew[/name] Good flow
[name]Adrian[/name] [name]John[/name] I would make it [name]Adrian[/name] [name]Jonathan[/name] for flow
[name]Landon[/name] [name]Frederick[/name] A strong combo.

[name]Micah[/name] and [name]Landon[/name] are my favourites from your list

I don’t think any of the girl names mesh well with [name]Avery[/name] except maybe [name]Carmen[/name]…The boys names are really good though! [name]Landon[/name] [name]Micah[/name] and [name]Jonah[/name] go espcially well with [name]Averie[/name]. Here are a few ideas if you want them!
[name]Bailey[/name] (too rhyming?)
[name]Dylan[/name] (as a girl)
[name]Kristen[/name] - awesome with [name]Averie[/name]!
if you like those names here are some suggested middle names!
[name]Lark[/name] [name]Fable[/name],[name]Isobel[/name],[name]Annabell[/name] (something with a ble sound)
[name]Bailey[/name] [name]Maeve[/name],[name]Corinne[/name],
[name]Dylan[/name] [name]Mae[/name], [name]Renee[/name],[name]Fay[/name] (something with an ay sound)
[name]Kristen[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name], [name]Genevive[/name],

Sorry didn’t finishe my last post!
[name]Kristen[/name] should have a long middle name.
[name]Phoebe[/name] [name]Elenor[/name],[name]Elizabeth[/name],[name]Evelyn[/name], (e names sound good here!)
best of luck with the naming!

Oh WOW!! THank you so much for all of the names.
I think my list just grew, I have a lot to consider and I agree with a lot of what was said.

[name]Micah[/name] has always been my favourite name for a boy, I just wasn’t sure if it meshed well with [name]Averie[/name]. I’m definitely holding it in my number one spot still =)

I’m also not sure about having them share A but for some reason those are the names I’m drawn to the most.

Thanks again!

I think [name]Micah[/name] works well with [name]Averie[/name]. For girls, I don’t think any of the options you listed are really unisex. Other than [name]Averie[/name]'s -ie ending, you might think [name]Avery[/name] was a boy with [name]Carmen[/name], [name]Simone[/name], [name]Annelise[/name], etc. [name]How[/name] about:

[name]Bellamy[/name] (like pp’s suggestion)

I avoided A names and personally prefer those with a different ending from [name]Averie[/name]'s ee sound too. My favorites are probably [name]Kendall[/name] and [name]Larkin[/name].

Good luck!

I have an [name]Avery[/name] and picked [name]Phoebe[/name] for the match. But for boys, I like every one of the names you picked except [name]Landon[/name].