Calla Frances, Freya Margaret, etc.

WDYT of these?

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivia[/name]
[name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Celia[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]
[name]Eula[/name] [name]Cassandra[/name]
[name]Karen[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]
Merit [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name]
[name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivia[/name] - [name]Alma[/name] makes me think of a grandmother, while [name]Vivia[/name] is lively and pretty. The two do not work together in my opinion.

[name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name] - I love this. I think it’s so pretty. [name]Calla[/name] is soft and pretty, and the names flow really well together.

[name]Celia[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name] - I adore the name [name]Celia[/name], I think it’s so pretty. But I really dislike the name [name]Mercedes[/name].

[name]Eula[/name] [name]Cassandra[/name] - [name]Eula[/name] is not a pretty name in my opinion, and once again competes with the gorgeous middle name. I love [name]Cassandra[/name]. [name]Cassandra[/name] [name]Eula[/name] would be prettier.

[name]Karen[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name] - I don’t really care for the name [name]Karen[/name], I think of the stupid girl in “Mean Girls.” [name]Emmeline[/name], on the other hand, is gorgeous. [name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Karen[/name] might be prettier.

Merit [name]Josephine[/name] - I’m not a big fan of virtue names like this, it feels like it’s setting up the child to follow the name. So Merit is a no for me. [name]Josephine[/name] is gorgeous, and I love that.

[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name] - [name]Naomi[/name] is very pretty, but I’m not a fan of [name]Agatha[/name]. I don’t think the old school, grandmother-sounding names. But, since it is the middle name, it could work.

[name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name] - I despise the name [name]Oona[/name]. It sounds like a caveman sound to me! [name]Beatrice[/name] is gorgeous and deserves more use. [name]Beatrice[/name] [name]Oona[/name] could be better (although I strongly dislike [name]Oona[/name]).

I know my opinions are kind of harsh… But here they are.

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivia[/name]: With [name]Alma[/name], something about the flow with [name]Vivia[/name] seems off to me. I guess I picture [name]Alma[/name] paired with a vintage name like [name]Frances[/name] or [name]Josephine[/name].

[name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name]: I love [name]Calla[/name], but when it’s paired with an F middle name, it starts to sound like [name]California[/name] when I say it out loud. (Esecially [name]Calla[/name] [name]Fiona[/name]…) From your list, I love [name]Calla[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]. :slight_smile:

[name]Celia[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]: I love [name]Celia[/name], but I can’t picture it with [name]Mercedes[/name]. When I say it out loud, I’m hearing something close to “Sell ya a [name]Mercedes[/name]” pr “steal a [name]Mercedes[/name].” I love [name]Celia[/name] [name]Frances[/name] and [name]Celia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]!

[name]Eula[/name] [name]Cassandra[/name]: I’m not a [name]Eula[/name] fan, but I like [name]Eulalie[/name] [name]Frances[/name].

[name]Karen[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]: I love [name]Emmeline[/name], but [name]Karen[/name] and [name]Emmeline[/name] have very different styles to me.

Merit [name]Josephine[/name]: I think this is very pretty…

[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name]: I think [name]Naomi[/name] is great, but I’m not an [name]Agatha[/name] fan.

[name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]: I really like this!

My favorites: [name]Calla[/name], [name]Celia[/name], [name]Frances[/name], [name]Emmeline[/name], [name]Josephine[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name].

[name]Favorite[/name] combos: Merit [name]Josephine[/name] and [name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivia[/name]- love love love
[name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name]-cute
[name]Celia[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]- cute
[name]Eula[/name] [name]Cassandra[/name]- dont my style
[name]Karen[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]- not a fan of karen
Merit [name]Josephine[/name]- ok good flow
[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name] just ok
[name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]- not a fan of oona

[name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivia[/name]-- I love [name]Alma[/name], but it doesn’t really fit with [name]Vivia[/name]… what about [name]Alma[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name]?

[name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name]-- Nice combo; I like [name]Frances[/name] a lot

[name]Celia[/name] [name]Mercedes[/name]-- I love [name]Celia[/name], but it’s really hissy with [name]Mercedes[/name]…

[name]Eula[/name] [name]Cassandra[/name]-- Not a fan of [name]Eula[/name], but the combo flows well

[name]Karen[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name]-- [name]Karen[/name] is really dated… [name]Kerensa[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name] would be beautiful!

Merit [name]Josephine[/name]-- Merit is a word; I like [name]Josephine[/name]

[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name]-- I really like this!

[name]Oona[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]-- [name]Even[/name] though I don’t like [name]Oona[/name] much, I think the combo is really pretty

My favorite would be [name]Naomi[/name] [name]Agatha[/name] or [name]Calla[/name] [name]Frances[/name]. I really like [name]Alma[/name], [name]Frances[/name], [name]Vivia[/name], [name]Josephine[/name], and [name]Emmeline[/name] too!

I like a lot of the names on your list, but I’m not loving any of the combinations. [name]How[/name] about:
[name]Vivian[/name] [name]Alma[/name]
[name]Alma[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]
[name]Beatrice[/name] [name]Naomi[/name]
[name]Oona[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Celia[/name] [name]Margaret[/name]