Can you help me think of a nn for my god daughter?

Hello berries! I have a friend who had a baby girl about three months ago. Her name is Deviannah… I am finding it very dificault to call her either by her full name or by her nn [name]Devi[/name] because it is so much like Devil. [name]Dev[/name]'s parents said that I could call her by a nn of my own… but I can’t think of anything that is cute that has to do with her name. Any ideas?

[name]Dev[/name], [name]Devi[/name], and [name]Anna[/name] are the most obvious choices.
Ones with more liberties/more of a stretch are:
D.J (What is her middle name? D. (Initial of middle or surname)

I think a nickname will come, so dont try and force one, it will come natural when it needs to.

[name]Hope[/name] this helps, some might be a stretch though. I really like [name]Eva[/name] and [name]Nahla[/name].

[name]Eva[/name] like eh-vuh

I actually really like just [name]Dev[/name]. It’s a fairly recognized nn for [name]Devon[/name], [name]Devlin[/name], and [name]Devereaux[/name], so I don’t think the devil association is too strong. I also really like [name]Evie[/name] and [name]Annie[/name]…

Good luck!

[name]Vivi[/name] or [name]Didi[/name]?

Her middle name is [name]Rae[/name]-[name]Lynn[/name]

Thanks for the ideas. :slight_smile: I really like [name]Via[/name] and [name]Dolly[/name]!

O and [name]Ever[/name]! I also like [name]Annie[/name]. Thanks so much for the ideas. Now I have some great options! I am excited to see what fits :slight_smile:

I think [name]Devi[/name] is rather cute…I think of it as an updated version of [name]Debbie[/name] more than anything associated with the devil!

[name]Dev[/name], [name]Devin[/name], [name]Anna[/name], [name]Ann[/name], [name]Annie[/name], [name]Via[/name], [name]Eva[/name], [name]Evie[/name], [name]Evian[/name].

What about [name]Devin[/name] or [name]Evie[/name]?

[name]Annie[/name] is endearing.

You can pick a nn based on her personality or looks or use an affectionate name like [name]Honey[/name] or [name]Kitty[/name]. If she’s got a real sunny personality you could call her [name]Sunny[/name].