Can't Access My Profile/Liked Names

When I click on “account” from the drop-down list, it just takes me to a constant loading screen.


Have you tried clearing cookies + cache? I’ve been having this issue on and off and doing this always fixes it for me.

refreshing the page usually works for me

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Same here! :sob:

I’ve also been having this problem. After clearing my cookies and browser history, I’m now unable to login and just get an error (429: too many requests).


I’m having the same issue as @kat.felton! I got logged out on the main site and now whenever I try to log back on I get sent to an error page if anything loads at all.

Yep, same here. We’re looking into it!


Hi! [name_f]May[/name_f] I ask if a solution was ever found? I can’t access my lists and I’d pretty much moved my lists over fully to NB. Nothing urgent but would like to be able to get to those, thanks!

The logged out issue was solved, but I’m seeing these list loading issues frequently. Clearing my cookies and cache always allows me to access everything normally, have you tried that? It seems to only be a temporary fix, unfortunately, but it always works for me.

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I’ll try doing that, thank you so much!

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