Can't decide what we want to call baby #2


I am almost 5 months pregnant and have no idea what to call baby #2. We haven’t found out the gender yet (we are going to), but even still, we haven’t committed to a boy name. Our first son’s name is [name]Cruz[/name] [name]Andres[/name] [name]Clarke[/name] [name]Rodriguez[/name]. So far the only boy name I like is [name]Cash[/name]…but I’m not in love with it. For a girl we like [name]Charlotte[/name] [name]Alexa[/name] [name]Rodriguez[/name] and I love [name]Camila[/name] (Ka-me-lah) [name]Rodriguez[/name].

[name]Do[/name] any of you have some name suggestions that will go with our son’s first name? For both sexes?

Thanks :slight_smile: