What are your thought’s on the boys name [name_u]Carey[/name_u]?
This is my Dad’s middle name. I love it, it’s so cool.

For me the name is too much connected to the girls name [name_u]Carey[/name_u]. I think it’s definitely usable as a boys name but I think most people think of it as only a name for girls.

I really like it.

I like it better on a boy

I like it. :slight_smile: I think it’s usable because of it’s link to [name_u]Drew[/name_u] [name_u]Carey[/name_u].

I like it. There aren’t many little girls named [name_f]Carrie[/name_f] nowadays, so I think it’s the perfect time to revive [name_u]Carey[/name_u] for a boy.