Catherine / Katherine

[name]Catherine[/name] or [name]Katherine[/name]?

This is the one name with spelling variations that I have a hard time deciding on. Is one the original spelling? If so, I would go with that. If not, I think I lean toward [name]Katherine[/name] because most of the nicknames are spelled with a K. ([name]Kate[/name], [name]Kitty[/name], [name]Karen[/name], [name]Kathy[/name], ect.)

What do the berries think?

I definitely prefer [name]Katherine[/name] over [name]Catherine[/name]. [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Katie[/name] look much better than [name]Cate[/name] and [name]Catie[/name].

The original spelling is ???. It’s a Greek name. The K is more in line with the Greek origin, but the C is an accepted variant. I believe [name]Catherine[/name] with a C is originally French. You really can’t go wrong.

[name]Catherine[/name] all the way!! Cs are so much more attractive then Ks IMHO. K just looks so manly to me O.o IDK why though.

This is a toughie! The case for “C” is that if it was good enough for [name]Emily[/name] [name]Bronte[/name] (and two generations of [name]Catherine[/name]-[name]Cathy[/name] Earnshaws, Lintons, and Heathcliffs), it is good enough for me.
The case for “K” was made by [name]Anne[/name] (with an “e”) of [name]Green[/name] Gables, who found [name]Katherine[/name] with a “K” more romantic.
I do like the argument that the nicknames look better with a “K.” Cogent.
But I suspect this is a win/win situation.

[name]Catherine[/name], please! It’s my middle name. My aunt is [name]Catherine[/name] and she goes by [name]Katie[/name]. I don’t think it matters what the original is, the nicknames can be spelled with a K. [name]Catherine[/name] looks so much more vintage and less trendy to me. Plus, I think it’s the less common one nowadays.

I prefer [name]Catherine[/name], simply because C’s look much softer to me (and the name is already a bit harsh in sound) and I think writing cursive C’s is easier than writing cursive K’s…

Also, [name]Kitty[/name] [name]Bennet[/name] in Pride and Prejudice is a [name]Catherine[/name], so you don’t necessarily have to use [name]Katherine[/name] to get a nickname beginning with a K. And, [name]Cate[/name] is a refreshing alternative to [name]Kate[/name], I think, especially for a [name]Catherine[/name]. If I had a daughter named [name]Catherine[/name], she’d be [name]Cate[/name] - or maybe even [name]Cat[/name]! I once knew a [name]Cathryn[/name] called [name]Cat[/name]…

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

I would tend towards [name]Katharine[/name] but also love [name]Kathryn[/name] even if it seems to be trendy.

[name]Catherine[/name]. Because [name]Cate[/name] looks way better than [name]Kate[/name] in my opinion.
But I also think that it depends on your last name. With some last names, with K’s in them for instance, [name]Kate[/name] looks way better than [name]Cate[/name].
But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: .

I normally like original spellings, but like [name]Calliope[/name], I prefer the C. The flood of K names have really taken the romance out of the letter for me. [name]Even[/name] though I hate to disagree with [name]Anne[/name]. :slight_smile:

I personally prefer the [name]Katherine[/name] spelling. K’s seem more romantic and more unusual to me. Neither spelling is more “real” than the other so go with your heart, both have histories in different languages. I also love [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Kit[/name] as nicknames, and [name]Cate[/name] just isn’t as visually appealing to me. Popularity wise, the K spelling is more popular, meaning it currently is the more widely accepted spelling, but in general I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Again, go with what you feel is best. I also love the [name]Katharine[/name] (with an ‘a’) spelling because it reminds me of [name]Katharine[/name] Hepburn, one of my all time favorite actresses :slight_smile:

I think I tend to lean toward K…I love the nn [name]Kate[/name]!

[name]Catherine[/name]/[name]Katherine[/name] is one of those few names with several acceptable actual spellings. With most C/K variant names, the C is the original spelling. At this point, [name]Catherine[/name], [name]Katherine[/name], [name]Katharine[/name], and [name]Kathryn[/name] are all legitimate spellings, though not all equal in popularity.
Which name you choose might depend on the nickname you want to use. It really bothers me to see the nickname [name]Kate[/name] on a [name]Catherine[/name] when it should be [name]Cate[/name]. To me Cs and Ks are not interchangeable. If you are going to nickname her [name]Kat[/name], [name]Kitty[/name], [name]Kathy[/name] or [name]Kate[/name], go with [name]Katherine[/name] (or [name]Katharine[/name] or [name]Kathryn[/name]). [name]Cat[/name], [name]Cate[/name], [name]Catie[/name], or [name]Cathy[/name] could be for [name]Catherine[/name]. I personally have always preferred [name]Katherine[/name], but lately [name]Catherine[/name] has grown on me.
I would say also that which name to choose depends on the personality of the child. I can’t explain it, but there is definitely a personality difference between a [name]Catherine[/name] and a [name]Katherine[/name].
One last thing to consider: C is easy to make, while K is one of the hardest letters for a child to learn to print.
[name]Catherine[/name]/[name]Katherine[/name] is a classic name; you really can’t go wrong with either one; your choice is simply a matter of style.
Good [name]Luck[/name]!