What do you think about the name [name]Celina[/name]?

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It honestly looks like a misspelled [name]Selena[/name], and I prefer this spelling. [name]Celia[/name] is another Latin name with the same meaning, “heaven” - I am quite fond of that!

What is the original spelling? [name]Selena[/name]?

I really like it! I don’t see it as a miss-spelling at all. I think of it like [name]Celine[/name] ([name]Dion[/name]) then with an ‘a’. I think it’s a very pretty name:)

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I said it “looks” like a misspelling, but it isn’t. They are two separate names that happen to have the same pronunciation. [name]Selena[/name] is a Spanish name meaning “moon,” while [name]Celina[/name] is a Latin name meaning “heaven.” [name]Celeste[/name], [name]Celia[/name], [name]Celine[/name], [name]Ciel[/name], [name]Elysia[/name], even [name]Sheila[/name] all mean “heaven,” too, whereas [name]Luna[/name], [name]Jocasta[/name], [name]Selene[/name], and [name]Selina[/name] are all other names meaning “moon.”

So, it isn’t a misspelling, I just think it sounds so much like [name]Selena[/name] that I prefer that name, but if you want a name looking similar to [name]Celina[/name], I think [name]Celia[/name] or [name]Celine[/name] are really pretty, personally. :slight_smile:

I personally [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Selena[/name] for a first name it’s one of my favorites, or [name]Selene[/name], which I am actually considering for a middle name, so I’m biased. I understand the different meanings, as explained by pp. But the two names are pronounced exactly the same, right? I think I agree with pp that [name]Celia[/name] or [name]Celine[/name] are just as beautiful and would cause less confusion for other people…I’m curious, to the original poster, why do YOU like it?

i like it, it’s a beautiful name… but i prefer the [name]Selina[/name] spelling.

I prefer [name]Selina[/name].

I prefer [name]Celine[/name].

First i think of [name]Celine[/name], then [name]Celine[/name] [name]Dion[/name] (which isnt a bad thing persay), then i think of [name]Selina[/name], the latin singer that was killed a while back. Its a pretty name though. Those are jsut what popped to mind.