Character Name for the Antichrist

I am writing a book about a girl who finds out she is the Antichrist and inadvertently brings about the apocalypse and then teams up with an [name_u]Angel[/name_u] who"s connection with God was severed so he is technically “[name_f]Fallen[/name_f]” and a Demon who recently got his soul back and all three of them are neither Good nor Evil and are trying to “save” the world and rewrite the way things are. I have a lot of ideas for my two male characters but for the Antichrist I’m having trouble because I want her first middle and last name to be six letters each (666). Someone please help me!!!
Also if anyone has any ideas for my angel and demon names I would be happy to hear those as well and add them to my list of considerations.

Is this for real? That is basically the plot of Good Omens…