WHat do you think of [name]Charlize[/name] Layce White? Is [name]Charlize[/name] to mature/old to make sense when she is little? This is a compromise to the reactions of others to my name picks such as [name]Lila[/name]-[name]Charles[/name].

Which spelling? Laycee Layce [name]Lacie[/name]?

I like [name]Charlize[/name]. If you’re worried about it sounding too old for a little girl, you could always call her [name]Charlie[/name] when she’s little. As for Layce, I would spell it either [name]Lacey[/name] or [name]Lacie[/name]. Layce to me looks like it should be pronounced as lace, instead of lace-ee.

Are there any alternative MNs that might work better with [name]Charlize[/name] ______ White?

or is charlize (aside from charlize theron) too old ladyish and should it be reserved for a MN?

I like [name]Charlize[/name]. If it feels too mature once you meet her you could use [name]Charlie[/name] or [name]Lee[/name].
To me it’s a little mature like [name]Vivian[/name] or [name]Lydia[/name], but that’s what nicknames are for!
I love [name]Lacey[/name], but I don’t really care for the other spellings.

the lacey issue comes from the fact that my twin’ name is lacey and my husbands sister’s name is lacy- so i had to think of an inbetween for lacey/lacy

I think [name]Charlize[/name] is such a great option for you, honestly! [name]Charlize[/name] [name]Lacey[/name] is a bit repetitive, but it’s not that bad. I don’t remember if you had a reason for spelling [name]Lacey[/name] in another way, but if you don’t, I prefer this spelling:)