Chase or Chance?

Hey there Berries! So I have never ever liked the name [name]Chase[/name], but suddenly, I am slightly obsessed with it :slight_smile: I just think it sounds so masculine and simple. Then, I started thinking about the name [name]Chance[/name]. It is a little bit longer than [name]Chase[/name], but it still has that simple feel to it. WDYT?

[name]Chase[/name] or [name]Chance[/name]?

Thanks so much!

[name]Chase[/name], for sure.

I prefer [name]Chase[/name]! 8 years ago I named my cat [name]Chase[/name], not knowing it would be a “usable” name for boys at some point lol I would have totally used it for one of my sons! I also like [name]Chance[/name]- we considered it at one time- but I feel like [name]Chase[/name] has more substance.

I prefer [name]Chase[/name]. I went to High school with a [name]Chance[/name] and he was a huge jerk so it’s ruined the name for me. I do think it’s nice though, I just prefer [name]Chase[/name].

I also really like [name]Chauncey[/name]…just throwing that out there :slight_smile:

I like both names but have to go with [name]Chance[/name] considering it’s my boyfriend name! lol
At first when he told me his name I was caught off guard but now I couldn’t picture him as anything but [name]Chance[/name], of course.
I have heard/met a couple [name]Chase[/name]'s but never another [name]Chance[/name], he gets compliments on his name everywhere we go.
Unlike the [name]Chance[/name] Dantea met he is the nicest person out there, hes very artsy and musical and just an all around good person.
It does suck when someone you meet ruins a name for you though, it happens to everyone.

good luck! either name is nice =)

Sorry neither name is appealing to me. [name]Chase[/name] sounds pretentious and reminds me of a bank and [name]Chance[/name] is not the best word for a name: “I’m taking a chance on you, kid!”

I don’t like [name]Chase[/name] at all…just not my personal style…and I definitely prefer [name]Chance[/name]. With that said…I kind of associate [name]Chance[/name] with the American Bulldog from the movie Homeward Bound.

I love [name]Chase[/name]. [name]Chance[/name] is okay, it’s my husband’s cousin’s name, but I much prefer [name]Chase[/name].

I love the name [name]Chance[/name] more than [name]Chase[/name]. I once dated a guy named [name]Chance[/name] who was just all around awesome, and that definitely made me like the name. I prefer the sound of it over [name]Chase[/name], the “n” makes it a little stronger in my opinion. Although both names are still great choices!

I’m not a huge fan of either–I’m always afraid [name]Chase[/name] will become a self-fulfilling prophecy (and I know many who only know crazier-than-all-the-other-kids-combined Chases), and I would be afraid that if I had a [name]Chance[/name], that he would wonder if he came to be by chance. Most people can get past those concerns if they really love the name, but they are concerns I’ve had when I have looked at both names. Of the two, I like [name]Chase[/name] better. :slight_smile: I think something like [name]Charles[/name] nn [name]Chase[/name] would be cute, too.

[name]Chase[/name] and [name]Chance[/name] are my cousin’s sons- I helped name both because she wanted names that started with Ch like her own. [name]Chase[/name] is 16 now and the only other [name]Chase[/name] I know is a baby. Never met another [name]Chance[/name]- he’s 6

I love the name [name]Chase[/name], too. It seems more masculine than [name]Chance[/name] to me, and a lot more decisive!! I am friends with a guy named [name]Chase[/name] and he is an all-around good person. I call him him ‘Chaser’ or ‘[name]Chasen[/name]’ a lot as affectionate nns, because he’s funny that way. :slight_smile:

[name]Chase[/name]. For a rambunctious little boy.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Chase[/name] but not keen on [name]Chance[/name] but that’s because I know a dog named [name]Chance[/name]!

Chayson, nn [name]Chase[/name].

When I hear [name]Chance[/name], I also think of the cute dog from Homeward Bound.

[name]Chase[/name] is alright, but I like [name]Cruz[/name] better!

I prefer [name]Chase[/name], or even [name]Case[/name] to [name]Chance[/name].

First thing I think of is the dog on Homeward Bound. I know, I’m weird xD

[name]Chase[/name] is way better than chance.