I taught a boy with this name once, and it just popped into my head when i was reading about Manchester haha.

I think it’s kind of cool actually and certainly unique

[name]Love[/name] [name]Chester[/name]! It was my uncle’s name, but he died when he was five. Doesn’t go with my last name.

[name]Chester[/name] started out on our list as a joke - a reference to my husband’s hometown of Chesterville, but one day we woke up and found we had started to really like it!! It’s definitely on our short list for a boy, although we get hilarious reactions to it from people in real life.

I can’t say I like it. At all. It sounds like the name of a dog (sorry).

I think [name]Chester[/name] is just great. [name]Chet[/name] can work as a nickname. Forget all those people laughing – most people make fun of any name that isn’t really normal or really popular. [name]Chester[/name] is a wonderful name and if it has meaning for you, all the better.

Oh, definitely! I agree that [name]Chet[/name] is an awesome nickname. [name]Chester[/name] kind of reminds me of [name]Clarence[/name], in that both names get ridiculed (Stay strong, [name]Chester[/name] and [name]Clarence[/name]!), and both have great nicknames. (I think [name]Clancy[/name] is an awesome [name]Clarence[/name] nickname!)

I like [name]Chester[/name], and I’m considering using it for a middle name. My husband’s great uncle (whom we see frequently) is named [name]Chester[/name] nn [name]Chet[/name]…and also my mom calls my dad [name]Chester[/name] every once in awhile. (his name is [name]Cesare[/name]). I also have a friend from college who’s mn was [name]Chester[/name]. All around I have GREAT associations with the name :slight_smile:

The name [name]Chester[/name] reminds me of roasted chestnuts–warm and inviting. I think it’s nice. And I really like “[name]Chet[/name]”.