Choline supplement during pregnancy

Hi Everyone!

Im just wondering what supplements you took during pregnancy, and if choline was one of them?

I’ve done a lot of referrals and choline seems to be one if the most important vitamins to consume while pregnant in addition to a regular Prenatal vitamin. My Prenatal does not contain choline but I’ve been thinking about adding an additional supplement of one.

What version of choline do you take (if you do)?

Thank you!

The one I took is from Solgar. There was enough evidence to sway me to take it, but not enough for all doctors and midwives to recommend it. Later I learned that sunflower lecithin is a good food source, and also increases milk supply postpartum. It has a funny taste but I got used to it in a smoothie.

I do not have kids yet, but was planning to talk to my doctor about this later this month at my annual as my husband and I move towards TTC relatively soon. I am generally not a “I will do my own research and think I know more than doctors” person, but from the research I have encountered I think the benefits of Choline supplementation are worthwhile. [name_f]My[/name_f] and my husband’s families both have long histories of mental health challenges, and if there is any chance that hitting the daily recommended value of Choline could help prevent that I am willing to try.

Additionally I highly doubt I get enough Choline naturally, given that it is primarily found in animal-derived foods and I am vegetarian. I do eat eggs and may eat fish during pregnancy, but knowing that many pregnant women are deficient in general I am guessing I would almost certainly be one of them unless I supplement.