Choosing a name that works in different languages?

I live in a bilingual (French-English) part of [name]Canada[/name]. Some names I am considering sound great in English, but are either nearly impossible to pronounce in French or can easily be distorted and used as ammo for negative nicknames. I also have family with various ethnic backgrounds and the same problems apply. [name]How[/name] much should this factor in to my decision? Should I pick a name I like slightly less so that my kid will not have to go through the misery of people mispronouncing/making fun of their name? Ihave gone through this myself (although my name is neither English nor French in origin) so I know first-hand how annoying this can be. Would it be best to pick a more international name over a very anglo-saxon one? What are your opinions?

I think about this a lot when I’m looking at different names. I’m also a bilingual Canadian (my mother is French and my father is English) and I find that I’ll be really drawn to a name that is either French or English but when I try to say it in the other language I just don’t like it anymore.

I’m not looking to name a baby any time soon (I just really like names), however, I think for that it would play a huge role in the decision process for me. When I look at my list of favourite names, I have picked mostly names that are easily translated. I would love to hear any other suggestions of names that are easily said in both languages. :slight_smile: Or in other languages as well, not only french and english.