My children [name]LOVE[/name] to watch TV! my husband and i came up with a reward system for the kids, so that they can still have the pleasure of watching TV, but have to earn it. The older kids (9-16) Earn TV time by reading for an hour and doing their chores ( each hour of reading= 1 hour of tv and each chore= 10 minutes) the younger kids (3-7) earn TV by doing their chores and being respectful ( they get 20 mins per chore and 5 for each extra kind word i hear them say). If they children are disrespectful or nasty to me, my husband of each other, they either start their TV time over from scratch, get 5 mins taken away or have a different punishment depending on what they did. My kids often complain that this is not a fair system ( all but 3 of them complain) and they want us to come up with a different way for them to earn TV time, or to just give it to them. Any ideas on how i can make this a fun way for my kids to earn their TV time? or should we just drop it all together?