[name]Christian[/name] for a boy in a non-religious family? What do you think? Thanks, [name]Rachel[/name]

In a non-religious family it’s kind of funny. I really don’t like the idea of the name [name]Christian[/name] solely because of the word. [name]Even[/name] if a little [name]Christian[/name] comes from a very religious family, he may not be religious when he grows up, or he may decide to convert to some other religion. [name]Imagine[/name] if you ended up with [name]Christian[/name] the [name]Rabbi[/name] or [name]Christian[/name] the Imam? It’s just weird. [name]Christopher[/name], on the other hand is a little more subtle, so I would use that instead.

I am of Swedish heritage, even though I live in the UK right now. And in [name]Sweden[/name] [name]Christian[/name] / [name]Kristian[/name] is a very common name, and there is quite few religious people. So I don’t see a problem at all with it. If you don’t want the religious connections, what about a different spelling? [name]Kristian[/name], [name]Cristian[/name]?

Well since it means ‘follower of [name]Christ[/name]’ and if you aren’t a follower it may be a bit strange. My bil is named [name]Christian[/name] but since he is a [name]Christian[/name] it doesn’t seem odd at all.

A friend has a son she named [name]Christian[/name] and they aren’t religious. I don’t think it is weird to do so. Unless you treat your child like the meaning of the name then it shouldn’t really matter what the name means…that would be weird if you did! lol I like the name [name]Christian[/name], and I am a christian…but I think it would be weird to name my son that just because I believe in [name]Christ[/name]. Also, if I chose that name would people think I was trying to say something to everyone? So I stay away from that name, but I have always liked it. I always think of [name]Christian[/name] [name]Bale[/name]…probably my first actor crush, lol!