What are ppl’s opinions on [name_m]Cletus[/name_m]?

Too unique?
Too anatomical?
Sweet spot?
Too Berryish?

Too anatomical for me, first thing I thought I’m afraid.


Not a fan maybe as a middle?

Hmmmmm. It’s really old-fashioned but not in a flattering way. It’s kind of a “joke name” (idk how else to describe it) but I’ve only ever heard it in a way to disparagingly call someone an old-fashioned name, in the same vein as Gertrude… if that makes sense. I don’t know how to describe it.

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[name_m]Cletus[/name_m] is the stereotypical redneck character in The Simpsons, that’s my first association (and I haven’t watched it for well over a decade).

It does also have an unfortunate similarity to an anatomical word…!


I’ve always thought it sounds really anatomical too, sorry :flushed:

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Yepppp… too anatomical for me.

I do really like the names [name_u]Clyde[/name_u], Clifford/Cliff, Clayton/Clay, [name_m]Clive[/name_m], Clinton/Clint, and Claus/Klaus.

I don’t love this one, but I think that Cleto is a significant improvement to [name_m]Cletus[/name_m].

Sorry :confused:

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Makes me think of Fetus and a disease

too anatomical for my personal taste, and as @/persephonescrown mentioned, one of my first associations was the character from the simpsons.

it’s a bit old-fashioned, and not in the “cute old man name” way (eg. walter, theodore, harvey etc, that have already come back/are coming back), i don’t see it becoming a thing anytime soon. i think gertrude would come back before it.

Thk you everyone for the feedback!! This is why asking for outside input can be very beneficial! Between the anatomy and the Simpsons, barring any major cultural event to shift it it sounds like this one needs to continue to rest!


I agree with the others. I’m all for reclaiming forgotten vintage names, but I think this one sounds a bit too anatomical, plus the Simpsons character made it something of a joke name.

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cletus is my great grandpa’s name! :baseball:

i know i’m outvoted here, but in my opinion, it’s funky and cool- a true hipster name. the boyish, sporty nickname “clete” makes it all the more appealing to me! :playground_slide:


Yeah this is how i see it… but the anatomical thing is a concern :woman_shrugging:

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it’s alright, not my favorite, but its okay.

I agree with others, it sounds too anatomical for me

It’s a touch anatomical, but not unusable. I actually like the name :slight_smile: The only association I have is from a Tim Hawkins video “Cletus take the reel” (definitely an obscure association lol)

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Yes… first think I thought.

Mixing fetus and cl!toris and soccer cleat ends in… Cletus. It sounds so strong and hearty, and I do wish I could enjoy it more! :see_no_evil:

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I think it’s kinda a cute nickname for the baby when it’s still in the uterus. Like some people call theirs bean, but cletus the fetus is funny. Not for their actual name tho

Haha me too! (With so many pop songs, I heard the [name_m]Tim[/name_m] [name_m]Hawkins[/name_m] spoof first :smile:)


Definitely too anatomical.