Colic- Need Advice

[name]Hi[/name] ladies,

My friend, [name]Diana[/name], has a new baby girl named [name]Kate[/name]. She has just reached out to all her mom friends on Facebook to ask for advice and tips on how to handle colic. [name]Kate[/name] is breastfed, but gassy, fussy, and will cry for hours. I don’t have first hand experience with this, so the only advice I had was to consider that it may be something in her own diet that is a problem for [name]Kate[/name].

[name]Do[/name] any of you have any advice? I’m planning to send her the link to this thread.


My dd #1 had colic. I was breastfeeding too and tried cutting out dairy from my diet. It seemed to help a bit, but honestly I think it may have coincided with baby girl maturing. Anyhow, I know this is not encouraging, but the only thing that really helped was time. By 4 months old, things were getting better, and the colic was gone by 5 months. She still had a little bit of fussiness every night but it was nothing like before. Looking back, I wonder if I should have soothed her down for naps more often throughout the day. But honestly, I don’t think there’s a whole lot you can do for colic except try to keep yourself sane and know that it will pass. Definitely have the pediatrician look into reflux. We tried reflux meds, but that wasn’t dd #1s problem. I had a lactation consultant come out to make sure something I was doing with breastfeeding wasn’t the issue. If she does all that, and the baby still cries all the time, it may just be awful, no explanation for it, colic. The fisher price baby swing helped my daughter sometimes. Car rides also helped. Also, the tips from happiest baby on the block really helped (swaddling, loud shhhhing noise, white noise, etc.) Oddly enough, my dd would really calm to a blow dryer noise (put an app on my phone). But honestly, if my next one has colic, I think I will put her down more in her swing and at least eat or shower. You can’t go insane! This [name]WILL[/name] end. And I’m pregnant with number 2, so things [name]DO[/name] get better enough that you want more children. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!! Best of luck!!

Thanks vml!

I was going to direct your friend to the book “Happiest [name]Baby[/name] on the Block” also- sorry I couldn’t get on yesterday(but I read the message on my phone) to send a reply, but I was glad someone else gave you that resource. It was very helpful for me with our oldest.

Thanks crunchymama! I haven’t heard of that book, but will certainly send along the recommendations!