Columbine as middle?

I agree that this pretty floral name is now inappropriate to use as a first name. But how about a middle? Still no go?

  • Yes, fine as a middle only
  • Nope, absolutely not

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Perhaps, if I had a grandmother named [name_f]Columbine[/name_f] and I wanted to honour her. But otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. Yes, it’s a flower, but most people are not going to be thinking of flowers when they hear [name_f]Columbine[/name_f]. I think you would need a strong reason for wanting to use it, to outweigh the infamous association.


And even then… it’s about the child who has to wear it.


i think it would be a bit strange tbh

columbine isn’t well-used as a name in general so i think it would be very difficult to disassociate from the obvious tragic connection. i think there are nicer floral names to chose from.


I honestly don’t even associate it with the flower, it’s strictly the high school for me, I’m afraid :confused:


I wish it felt usable, but it has really terrible connotations, especially in the United States.


Its not really a very attractive name to begin with :joy: Im not sure why you would want it? If its a family name its fine.

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That’s highly subjective. I like it :blush:


Well that’s pretty definitive. Thanks berries :pray:

If it was a family name, sure, but otherwise I’d probably avoid it

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It isn’t a family name, so despite the special meaning (Freya, fertility), this may be insurmountable.

I tend to believe in taking back names. [name_f]Columbine[/name_f] is a gorgeous plant and I’d use it as a middle.

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[name_f]My[/name_f] first thought is actually of the Nutcracker. But even then I think it’s been tainted likely beyond repair with the tragedy.

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Thankyou - this is my thought too, though I totally appreciate the strength of feeling / aversion around this name.

I actually voted yes, but after seeing the results my mind changed and I would not use it since it seems the tragedy around the name is still the primary connotation. I think my view was/is colored by actually having known a [name_f]Columbine[/name_f] (born—and named—before the [name_f]Columbine[/name_f] tragedy), so it still feels like a name to me.

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Yeah I understand. There are a lot of reasons I love the name, but I’m torn as it seems the tragedy is still raw enough in everyone’s minds to warrant serious consideration. I love the idea of the flower association growing back out of it, but we have to live in reality also. A difficult one.

[name_f]Columbine[/name_f] is an absolute definite no for me, you could get away with [name_u]Columba[/name_u] or Columbe though

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[name_f]Columbine[/name_f] is a no for me even as a middle name, sorry. It’s a beautiful flower though. There are much better floral names anyways and [name_f]Columbine[/name_f] is a little eerie to me.

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I’m not a fan of flower names in general, this one’s significant for a reason.

I voted yes but I am not American. It makes me sad that such a beautiful name has been tainted by such tragedy. I think if you are not American it’s usable, but unfortunately many Americans are saying it is not usable there. :cry:

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