Combo Feedback/New Ideas

Hi Berries! I’ve been working on some new combinations and I’m in need of some feedback. Some of the middle names are honors/meaningful, so I’ve added an asterisk to those. I’d love to hear thoughts on these, and I’m open to new first name and middle name ideas, or reworking combinations!

Alexandra Caroline*
Anna Elizabeth (I just love the idea of calling her Annabeth)
Autumn Capri
Avery Blythe
Bellamy London*
Charlotte Banks
Devon Olivia
Emerson Opal*
Emilia Moon
Grayson Avonlea*
Hadley Eudora
Lila Jude*
Lucy Emmanuelle*
Parker Louisa
Piper Clementine
Rowan Jane
Siena Pearl
Sophie Lennox*

Eliza, Hazel, and Seren are all names on my list that I’m stumped on for a middle name, so any ideas there would be greatly appreciated. I’d also love to incorporate Saffron as a middle name, but I wasn’t sure it sounded right anywhere. Suggestions there would also be great.

Thanks so much in advance!

I’m not great at giving feedback, so I figured I’d just give you some middles for Eliza, Hazel and Seren.

Eliza Sloane
Eliza Fawn
Eliza Snow
Eliza Sage
Eliza Winter

Hazel Fern
Hazel Estelle
Hazel June
Hazel Noelle
Hazel Posy

Seren Paige
Seren Joyce
Seren Alma
Seren Adele
Seren April

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@MG1257 Haha, fair enough! Eliza Sage, Hazel June, and Seren Adele are beautiful. Thanks so much! :blush:


Emilia Moon is so beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I really like Autumn Capri, Charlotte Banks and Siena Pearl!
Anna Elizabeth nn Annabeth is really interesting.

Eliza Jane
Eliza Cordelia
Eliza Sistine
Eliza Fleur
Eliza Simone
Eliza Auburn
Eliza Tempest
Eliza Georgia
Eliza Presley
Eliza Blanche
Eliza Peony
Eliza Rowan
Eliza Austen
Eliza Delphine
Eliza Quinn

Hazel Ebony
Hazel Plum
Hazel Verona
Hazel Winslet
Hazel Jacqueline
Hazel Celeste
Hazel Ramona
Hazel Apolline
Hazel Cecilia
Hazel Jessamine
Hazel Penelope
Hazel Romilly
Hazel Bronte
Hazel Colette
Hazel Juliet

Seren Rosalie
Seren Nightingale
Seren Augusta
Seren Carys
Seren Beatrix
Seren Annabel
Seren Wednesday
Seren Lotus
Seren Hudson
Seren Garnet
Seren Cressida
Seren Alexandria
Seren Florence
Seren Lark
Seren Maude
Seren Rhiannon
Seren Marigold
Seren Tatum

Amalia Saffron
Ophelia Saffron
Ellis Saffron
Mabel Saffron
Chloe Saffron
Ariadna Saffron
Yara Saffron
Lilith Saffron
Viola Saffron
Adeline Saffron
Blake Saffron
Halle Saffron
Emery Saffron
Naomi Saffron
Lydia Saffron

@Estrela Thank you so much for the feedback!

I love Eliza Jane, Eliza Simone (I’ve always wanted to use this as a middle!), Eliza Rowan, Hazel Jessamine (swoon!), Seren Annabel, and Lydia Saffron!

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Alexandra Caroline - very classic and regal

Anna Elizabeth -also very classic but Annabeth is unexpected and cute!!

Autumn Capri - cute and funky!

Avery Blythe -light and lovely

Bellamy London - I’m not a fan of these two together. It feels a bit too surnamey, a bit too wordy. Bellamy Lola, Bellamy Rowan, Bellamy Lara, Bellamy Carys, Bellamy Seren. Amity London, Amelie London, Amelie Brighton, Bellamy Laurel

Charlotte Banks - unexpected but I’m not sure on them together - Charlotte Beau? Charlotte Boone? Charlotte Bodhi, Charlotte Sailor, Charlotte Saffron?

Devon Olivia - a nice mix of classic and funky

Emerson Opal - I like this a lot. Opal really brightens this. Emory Opal would be cute too

Emilia Moon -love it! It feeks mysterious yet sweet

Grayson Avonlea - I’m not a huge fan on these together. It feels a bit much and clashing, sorry. Gia Avonlea, Jada Avonlea, Grayson Adele

Hadley Eudora - unexpected and exciting. Hadley Isadora would also be wonderfully

Lila Jude -love the flow and fresh feel

Lucy Emmanuelle - Lucy Emanuella would be more appealing to me but these two are great together

Parker Louisa - this feels quirky and feminine. I like it!!

Piper Clementine -well balanced and lovely

Rowan Jane -again, love the balance in this name

Siena Pearl -this feels so sleek and stylish! I can imagine her and Parker Louisa or Piper Clementine as sisters

Sophie Lennox -nice blend of stylish Sophie and funky Lennox!

Eliza Kit
Eliza Lochlinn
Eliza Penrose
Eliza Bloom
Eliza Clarke
Eliza Quinn
Eliza August
Eliza Frost

Hazel Adair
Hazel Loretta
Hazel Elora
Hazel Odette
Hazel Rosina
Hazel Evelina
Hazel Noa
Hazel Pippa

Seren Cordelia
Seren Delilah
Seren Elena
Seren Blakely
Seren Julietta
Seren Georgiana
Seren Eulalia
Seren Quincy

Cora Saffron
Brynn Saffron
Quincy Saffron
Clara Saffron
Hannah Saffron
Hallie Saffron
Camber Saffron
Ember Saffron
Lydia Saffron
Jolie Saffron

@Greyblue So funny, you touched on all the pairings I was iffy about! I had similar thoughts about Bellamy London and Grayson Avonlea. Love the suggestion of Grayson Adele!

Hazel Noa is beautiful! I also love Seren Cordelia and Seren Julietta.

Thanks so much for your thoughts. :grinning:

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@Greyblue Completely scrolled past the Saffron suggestions. Lydia Saffron and Cora Saffron really caught my eye!

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One of my favorite combos with Eliza is Eliza Rosemary.

@dogs_books Eliza Rosemary is beautiful!

Alexandra Caroline, Anna Elizabeth and Lucy Emmanuelle are my favorites. Autumn Capri, Emilia Moon and Avary Blythe are also working combinations although I don’t particularly like them, except for Emilia and Blythe.
My suggestions:
Emilia Charlotte
Lila Charlotte
Lila Louise *
Camilla Hazel
Lila Noelle
Lila Grace
Lila Rosaline
Rose Avonlea *
Nova Clementine *
Catharina Blythe *
Luella Pearl *
Cecily Hazel *
Alexa Sage
Anastasia Eliza
Hazel Clementine

@FleurDeForce Thanks for your thoughts.

What about Annabeth Saffron?

I also like Alexandra Caroline, Emilia Moon and Parker Louisa.

What about …
Eliza Clementine
Eliza Isobel
Eliza Violet

Hazel Charlotte
Hazel Jane
Hazel Ruth

Seren Ashley
Seren Alexandra
Seren Marie

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@ThunderLee Love Hazel Charlotte and Hazel Jane!

I love Emilia Moon a lot! I also think Anna Elizabeth, Lucy Emmanuelle and Lila Jude are especially beautiful.
Some suggestions:

Eliza Amelie
Eliza Jasmine
Eliza Jude
Eliza Londen
Eliza Myrlene

Hazel Avonlea
Hazel Elodie
Hazel Eloise
Hazel Kallista
Hazel Sophie

Seren Athene
Seren Aurelia
Seren Cecilia
Seren Maria
Seren Olivia