Compromise with your two (assigned) partners

ok, so I’m bored, so drop a comment below if you want to play and I’ll assign you two partners to name a baby with. thought it would be interesting to see what you guys come up with.

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the way I decide if you get a boy or a girl is by what I come up with when assigning partners

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i’ll have a go!

I’m in

Ill try :slight_smile:

@wandering_willow , @Epgirl and @Babynamequeen029 twin girls

heres where you can announce the babies Nursery for compromise with your two (assigned) partners

I want to play!

I’ll try!


@breezebri @marigold.solstice and @heartwings a boy

Yes please!

I’d love to try!

myself, @lilyofthevale and @Larryisalittledog triplets two boys and a girl