Cool Twin Names (and, is it usable?)

I was looking through the family tree and spotted b/g twins (born c. 1830) named:

[name]Paul[/name] Revere
[name]Virginia[/name] Dare

Cool, huh? Very patriotic!

The funny thing is that I have always liked [name]Virginia[/name] Dare as a name for a girl, since I was a kid. I remember being about twelve and thinking that [name]Virginia[/name] Dare [name]Johnson[/name] (the surname of the boy I had a crush on) would be a PERFECT name for a daughter!

I’m considering offering this up as a suggestion for our yet-to-be-conceived second child. Is it usable? I mean, obviously [name]Virginia[/name] is usable, but is Dare too much? I think Dare would make an awesome middle name, almost like having [name]Danger[/name] as a middle name. :wink:

[name]Paul[/name] Revere: While [name]Paul[/name] Revere is a wonderful historical figure, I wouldn’t give the full name to a child. [name]Paul[/name], yes, and Revere, yes, but not together. Revere would make an awesome middle name, though!

[name]Virginia[/name] Dare: I wouldn’t use [name]Virginia[/name] as a first name (I grew up with a [name]Virginia[/name] who was constantly brought to tears by virgin and female anatomy jokes), but I don’t think [name]Virginia[/name] Dare is as well-known a figure as [name]Paul[/name] Revere. (Though there’s actually a food company named [name]Virginia[/name] Dare!) As for Dare, I always look for teasing potential, and I’d have to worry about truth or dare jokes in middle school. :frowning:

They’re great patriotic names, though!

if I were you I would totally use [name]Virginia[/name] Dare. Not only did you love it as a kid, but it’s in the family! You could arm her with knowledge of the original [name]Virginia[/name] Dare to ward off any teasing. I think it would be really cool to have that name, knowing you were named after the very first child born in [name]America[/name]. Would you have liked having that name? I know it’s not guaranteed, but your child is likely to be sort of like you, do you think you would have been able to handle possible Virgin jokes or possible Dare jokes? Personally, I really don’t think I would have minded. I love the name [name]Virginia[/name], and I liked [name]Daire[/name] as a middle name until I just found out it’s pronounced da-ra :(, I thought it was pronounced dare.

I think it’s awesome that there were twins in your family named [name]Virginia[/name] Dare and [name]Paul[/name] Revere, but I say [name]Paul[/name] Revere is not usable these days. I’m 100% behind [name]Virginia[/name], though!