Corin when you have a Karin (kuh-rin)

I love the name [name]Corin[/name] (CORE-in) for a boy. My first daughter’s name is [name]Karin[/name], pronounced kuh-[name]RIN[/name]. So it’d be [name]Karin[/name] and [name]Corin[/name]. To similar? Not pregnant or ttc, just hypothetical.

Yes, they’re too similar [name]IMO[/name].

On a related note, I used to have [name]Carine[/name]/[name]Karin[/name] on my list before my partner vetoed it. When I read the [name]Shakespeare[/name] blog post a few days ago and found [name]Corin[/name], I thought it was interesting but it sounds a little feminine due to my interest in [name]Carine[/name]/[name]Karin[/name], and also because of the girl name [name]Corrine[/name].

Definitely too similar.