Correct pronunciation?

What is the correct pronunciation of [name]Ione[/name]?
some other way

In a previous post a while back, Dantea stated that the mythological name [name]Ione[/name] is pronounced “ee-oh-nah”. I pronounce it “eye-oh-nee”.

but I thought all Greek names that end in e, made the -ee sound, so ee-oh-nee, now I’m confused :confused:

Well, I copied it from her post “How to Pronounce Greek Mythological Names” on July 6 so perhaps it was a typo.

Lol, I checked out three different baby name sites and all three had different pronunciations. They also have different meanings behind the name.

ee-OH-nee is how I pronounce it

Good I guess I wasn’t the only one that was confused. Thanks Berries!

Oh [name]Mischa[/name] it was a typo :stuck_out_tongue: I need to go fix it. All Greek names ending in e do end in the EE sound.

The correct Greek pronunciation is ee-oh-nee.

I say eye-oh-nee. I thought the same thing as you, that all Greek names ending in “E” had the “ee” ending ([name]Ariadne[/name], [name]Penelope[/name], [name]Calliope[/name], [name]Xanthe[/name], etc.). I just checked @dantea’s post, and it listed [name]Ione[/name] as “ee-oh-nee”, idk. I like eye-oh-nee, personally, but I wouldn’t want to be mispronouncing it…

ETA: [name]Just[/name] saw @dantea’s update, I must have seen it after she corrected the pronunciation…

@[name]Ash[/name] – I fixed my typo. Honestly don’t know what happened there, but I probably had originally typed [name]Iona[/name] and forgotten I’d changed it. It’s been a while since that post :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of Greek names starting with I have the ee sound at the beginning (a lot of Girl names like [name]Ianthe[/name], [name]Ione[/name], [name]Iphigenia[/name], etc) and a lot of boy names tend to have the IH sound at the beginning ([name]Icarus[/name], Ixion, etc) and [name]Iris[/name] is the only real exception I can think of off the top of my head.

In other words, no matter how many of you say it with an eye sound, I doesn’t usually make that sound in Greek. If someone tried to change the pronunciation of a more well known languages name (like Spanish) everyone would defend the traditional pronunciation, so why not give Greek the same respect?

I say eye-OH-nee.

I always thought it was Eye-oh-nee.

If I were to see it written down, I would pronounce it eye-own, without the ee sound on the end. But that might just be me.

I know an [name]Ione[/name] personally, and she pronounces it eye-O-nee.

Is [name]Iona[/name] a legit Greek form as well? I love the “violet” meaning of the whole [name]Ione[/name]/[name]Ianthe[/name]/[name]Iole[/name] family but can’t rock an -ee ending with our surname.

And no offense to the Scottish but the Scottish-derived “island” meaning of [name]Isla[/name] and [name]Iona[/name] as a place name don’t appeal to my garden-dork heart the way the sweet little violet flowers do.

[name]Iona[/name] isn’t a Greek form as far as I know. It’s just the name of an Island in the Hebrides. But, the island was where a Catholic saint set up a monastery is that makes you like it more.

[name]Ione[/name] is eye-oh-nee and is Greek. [name]Iona[/name] is eye-oh-nah, and it’s a Scottish name.

i say eye-oh-nee.